UNSTEADY: Pelosi Stumbles Off Podium After Eulogizing Harry Reid [VIDEO]

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

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81-year-old House Speaker Nancy nearly faceplanted after eulogizing former Senator Harry Reid during a funeral service in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Pelosi, who spoke at the service along with other Democrat luminaries such as Joe Biden and Barack Obama, ended her speech and began heading off the podium, apparently not noticing that she had to take a step down.

As her high heels thudded on the stage, Pelosi teetered, nearly falling to the ground before regaining her balance.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Yeshiva World has officially joined the ranks of tabloid level reporting with a level of exaggerated click-bait titles that only compete with Charlie Kirk on Youtube. Shkoyach and phuewyyy, feel free to censor my comment as you’re mishtatef with the hanhagas hagoyim in censoring as well.

  2. I despise Pelosi but this just a dumb article

    “nearly falling to the ground”
    Not even close. She tripped a little on a floor that clearly went down from the platform she was on.

    This is not slightly newsworthy.
    Please don’t stoop to the level of other media outlets to post such silly content

  3. Ooooh headline news! “Lady misses a step”. My oh my must be a slow news day. Besides for as usual being overly dramatic and over the top – “nearly faceplanted” – come on, she didnt realize there was a step and tripped and caught herself. “unsteady” – trying to make her sound drunk or something? Really guys, can you attempt to be professional?

  4. Seriously? Is this news? You, of course, mention that she is 81 years old, as if that’s why she tripped. Upon watching the video, we see that, as usual, the headline is exaggerated, and she barely tripped. Actually, the fact that she caught herself, shows that she’s doing quite well!!

  5. What a stupid story! The silly frail woman, about whom it was just reported plundered 30 million dollars from insider trading, simply missed a step off the podium. It’s such a non-story!

  6. This is an absolutely ridiculous article. You may not like her politics but to headline an article because she stumbled which had nothing to do with her age, is horrible. Every single person in your editor’s department has stumbled at one time or another. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  7. YWN, do u just enjoy poking fun at people? Is this how a decent human being, even more so a Jew, should act? Shame on you! Message to Director: Whoever you are, act with some Derech Eretz! Almost no Jew likes Pelosi, but poking fun at her high heels is way overboard. I hope you take my message seriously. “Nearly Falling to the Ground?!” Get your Analysis straight.

  8. Dear Moderator,

    Please take this article down asap. It is a shame. A disgrace. A chillul Hashem as well.
    If someone trips we publicize it?
    Binfol Oyvecha Al Tismach, let a lone a person of power who we are at the mercy of in this Golus.
    On top of that this article is silly as well. It is a dark room, clearly, and she just spoke for a while. She should remember about a small step? Shame on you!

  9. Fake news!
    Get real! Missing a step like that is something even younger people do.
    And she didn’t nearly “faceplant”!
    (PS I’m not a fan of hers at all, but this story is ridiculous. )

  10. A ridiculous article. Apparently she was standing on a small raised platform at the podium and stepped down awkwardly. How any woman manages to walk in heels amazes me.

  11. “Speak good about me speak bad about me just spell my name right”.
    Do any of you (dear commenters) realize that as long as YOU [WE] keep on posting (and reading), that’s all YWN needs?