VICIOUS HATE CRIME: Hasidic Jews Attacked In Stamford Hill [SEE THE VIDEO]


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Two frum Jews were beaten by an assailant in an unprovoked attacked in Stamford Hill, London, on Wednesday night.

Security footage from the incident shows two Jews talking to each other on Cadoxton Avenye in Stamford Hill, when a black male approaches them and apparently makes a comment as he passes. The perp then returns to the men and begin punching them, causing one to fall to the fall.

Thankfully, neither was seriously injured, but they were still transported by Hatzolah to a local hospital for treatment.

The suspect was immediately tracked down by London Shomrim, and arrested by police a short time later.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. May Hashem send both of them a רפואה שלמה

    I am a bit surprised. The younger fellow Yid was holding on to his phone for a long time. I would think that the best thing to do is, to yell to the person on the phone to call the Police or Shomrim ASAP and drop the phone and fight this piece of trash.

  2. Upon second thought: I would like to correct my original comment.
    Maybe the reason why the Yid did not fight back was because he froze or he was shocked or simply was not sure what was the best next move.
    I guess now we all know for the future what move is the best if Chas Vechalila it should happen again.
    Wishing both wonderful Yidden a speedy and quick recovery.
    רפואה שלמה בתוך שאר חולי עם ישראל

  3. Always helps to have a contingency plan for self-defense, especially when you live proximate to dangerous animals. Maybe carry a glass water bottle you know how to break properly? Fun fact: did you know that a glass knife can be used for shechitah?

  4. These gentleman that were attacked by the melanin rich savage could barely defend themselves. I’m not blaming the victims, but being docile and weak causes these bullies to attack more easily. Too many attacks on Jews and Asians are being carried out by street thugs that know this. The time has come to have self-defense training as a rite of passage. Try this crap on a former IDF soldier and see what happens.

  5. Reb Pork,
    “Melanin rich savage”?! Really in 2022? Your dog whistling making the perp sound like a zoo gorilla is completely unacceptable and utterly racist.

  6. Reb j. yorker:
    “utterly racist”?!
    If you would have been on that street next to that attack when it happened and with your own eyes you witnessed the entire attack (not thru a video) I mean if you were physically present right there when it happened, I am positive that the terminology of your comment will be completely different.
    It is very easy and simple to sit on a porch in Florida facing the ocean, relaxing, eating nuts, maybe some chocolate, playing with your phone, playing with the internet and then throw a nasty rotten comment at another person which your comment is not even true anyways. Aren’t you excited that you caught that person with a mistake, when he spelled Boro Park differently!!!
    I think now I know who is the real and true racist.

  7. Reb Avraham,
    I was simply stating that the pejorative term used by BoroPork to describe the perp was unacceptable. Judaism is a religion, not a race. While I am aware that a disproportionate number of anti Semitic attacks are committed by those with a darker complexion, an attack on those with more melanin is an affront to our Jewish brothers who are of darker persuasion. Contrary to your insinuation, as my screen name suggests, I do not reside in Florida. Perhaps it is you that is “on their porch in Florida facing the ocean, relaxing, eating nuts, maybe some chocolate, playing with your phone, playing with the internet and then throwing a nasty rotten comment at another person.” Maybe you are suffering from sunstroke. If so I am mochel you 100% for your unsoliciated and ignorant attack on me.