READY TO PANIC? Covid Variant More Contagious Than Omicron Circulating Across US


Health officials across the United States are reporting dozens of cases of a new Covid variant that’s even more contagious than Omicron – which is already far more contagious than all previous variants.

Nearly half of all US states have confirmed cases of the BA.2 strain, with at least 127 confirmed cases as of Friday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says the variant is 1.5 times more transmissible than Omicron, but it doesn’t appear to reduce the effectiveness of vaccines any more than the Omicron variant. Health officials add that BA.2 infections do not appear to cause more severe illnesses than Omicron.

A booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccines showed to be 70% effective at preventing symptomatic illness from BA.2 two weeks after getting the shot, compared to a 63% effectiveness rate against the Omicron strain.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. yet according to the same accounts indicating the virus is easy to catch, it is also less likely to make you seriously ill (and even the original version of Covid19 rarely made anybody more seriously ill than would a common cold or the seasonal flu).

    If you really feel a desperate need to panic people, you can report on the current crisis in Eastern Europe, which (unlike any conflict of the last 100 years, has Yidden on both sides), which has a serious potential to replicate the events of the the summer of 1914 (which was basically an accidental war that got out of hand)

  2. I am rushing to 🇮🇱 tomorrow to pray at כותל for a total cessation of Corona before חס ושלום that Israeli border again closes down in honor of this newest variant

  3. To those calling it a scamdemic or scamacron, I wish that were true for those who were niftar, including those reported just this week and the overwhelmed chevra kadisha r”l saying they are having trouble coping.

    May your words be true and may they change the reality so that the niftarim will arise and return among the living, kitzu v’raninu shochnei for, and the yesomim and almonos will be reunited with their dearly departed loved ones.

  4. Agreed with you, Rebbitzen.

    I’m an otherwise heathy young man in my forties and have been suffering immensely since I contracted COVID a year and a half ago. I have AVN in my hips and I’m barely able to walk now. It was meant to be obviously, but I hope the person who passed it to me did a sincere Teshuva.

    I’m appalled at the callousness of some in our Oilam to Retzicha and such. Are these real Yidden or the Eirev Rav?

  5. More contagious but less damaging. Omicron is already not a serious illness. Almost NOBODY IN THE WORLD has died of it, and almost nobody has been seriously harmed by it. That is exactly the behavior we should expect from subsequent mutations. This is what viruses do, what they have always done. They mutate to become more contagious and less damaging.