CHAOS: Passengers at JFK Urinate in Seats After Stuck on Tarmac for Hours


Talk about frustrating.

Hundreds of JetBlue passengers found themselves stranded for hours on the tarmac at JFK Airport.

The chaos was due to severe flight delays and abrupt cancellations, which caused a jam of airplanes that had nowhere to go and no gate to park at.

The NY Post reported that the wait was so long, some passengers began urinating in their seats, while others suffered panic attacks.

One passengers said her flight to Buffalo was scheduled to leave at 8 am on Sunday, but was delayed multiple times until passengers were able to board the plane – 5 hours late.

After an hour of sitting on the tarmac, the passengers were told to leave the plane because their flight was being delayed until 6 am on Monday.

After spending the entire night in the terminal, the passengers were told at 7 am that their flight was canceled.

“I’m convinced @JetBlue kept everyone hostage in jfk long enough that now they don’t have to pay for people to have a hotel,” she tweeted.

“@JetBlue people have urinated in their seats on our plan stuck on the tarmac in Newark. What the hell is going on?? Claiming that the delay is weather related with several planes ahead of us? The weather was 48 hours ago…,” another tweeted.

Passenger Laura Mardkha tweeted: “After a 2 hour delay, we’ve been stuck on the tarmac at JFK for 2.5 hours and have been told there’s no timeline on when we can get off. So far, many screaming children and one passenger had a panic attack. Gonna need more than just a full refund this time @JetBlue.”

Another angry traveler added on Twitter, “Been stuck at JFK for 12 hours, no communication no anything and they refuse to cancel the flight basically keeping us hostage for our luggages. Plus your terminal has no pet relief areas ! Not cool @JetBlue.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I’ve sat on stuck aircraft for many hours and can relate to the kvetching here. Anyone who flies regularly knows to limit their liquid intake if there is ANY chance of flight delays and gate/or taxiway holds. It couldn’t have been more obvious this weekend. Once the airport or FAA flight controls slows or shuts down departures and arrivals, the airlines have very little ability to offload passengers when another aircraft is at their intended gate. Normally, the airlines mismanage the operations but in bad weather such as this past weekend, not much they can do.

  2. There has to be legislation to address this nonsense. If there isn’t a gate, let them pull up a staircase and let people get off and go into the airport that way.

  3. GH, you’re always so quick to be melamed zechus when it’s not concerning a frum yid. Shame in you.
    Either way, you are wrong as this didn’t happen with any other airline.

  4. Gadolhadorah, The Torah doesn’t teach us to be inhumane and advising people to limit their liquid intake is dangerous advice. You are implying that it is the peoples responsibility to not need the bathroom during hours long delays. Basic human needs must be provided for if the airlines are taking responsibility for human lives. Why deny bathrooms?

  5. Jet Blue was particularly reprehensible in the way they handled customers this week.
    Eldest daughter was booked on Jet Blue from White Plains to Ft Lauderdale Sunday, had to be in Broward County Court with a client Monday afternoon to complete an adoption.
    Flight canceled and rebooked for Monday 6:30am.
    Monday 1:30 am received email that flight was cancelled and Jet Blue automatically rebooked her from JFK to Miami Monday night.
    This was useless. I found her a flight on American from White Plains with a change in Charlotte arriving in Ft Lauderdale about noon, in time for court at 3.
    Notified JetBlue that would not use the rebooked flight. JetBlue reply, you are cancelling so no refund, only a voucher.
    Nice try>>>>JB cancelled all flights from White Plains, we did not agree to travel from JFK or fly to Miami.
    Daughter called Jet Blue Monday and the hold time for an agent was more than 2 hours. I told her on arrival at FLL, go to JB customer service and demand a refund. She did and got it credited to her credit card immediately.
    How many caved or were bullied?
    Disclosure: I am a shareholder in Jet Blue. I have sent a formal complaint to be read at annual meeting. Had JB not refunded immediately, daughter would have served them with a lawsuit when she checked in for the flight home this morning. Unlike the public, no big deal for a lawyer to issue a suit, we are licensed in both NY and FL….embarkation and destination states