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Lev Tahor Members Leave Bosnia, Cross Into Albania

A group of Lev Tahor members left Bosnia through the Deleuša border crossing last week on Thursday evening and briefly crossed into Montenegro before continuing to Albania, local Bosnia media reported.

The report comes after Bosnian Human Rights and Refugees Minister Miloš Lučić announced last week that the cult members will be deported from the country in the wake of the opposition of local residents to the cult members’ presence in their neighborhood after reading about the allegations of child abuse and kidnapping against them.

“These are citizens of the United States, Canada, and Guatemala who have caused public unrest recently, based on claims that they are members of the radical Lev Tahor sect,” the BiH media outlet stated.

The report noted that the group left the country prior to the expiration of their stay, under their own direction, respecting the legal regulations regarding foreigners, adding that Bosnian authorities had determined that the cult members did not pose a threat to national security.

The report added a brief description of the cult: “Lev Tahor is a conservative group of Jews. It currently has about 250 members and literally means ‘pure heart’ from the Biblical passage: ‘Create in me a pure heart, G-d, and renew a steadfast spirit within me’ (Psalm 51:10).”

“They have strict rules regarding food and their prayers are longer and louder than those  in other Jewish denominations.”

“The leader of the group, Shlomo Helbrans, was born in 1962. He and his followers, who often change their place of residence, have been repeatedly accused of child abuse.”

Prior to their departure, Lev Tahor members took the unusual step of allowing local media reporters into their residence and agreeing to be photographed.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. The user Kach who commented above enjoys treating young Jewish adults as infants. He likes to put them into institutions under the custody of mature adults who use the Internet, who aren’t perverts by goyish standards, and who have gained a moral high ground by going in the ways of the goyim. Kach has better ideas about what makes an adult. He knows better than the Torah. He follows goyim. Let him and those like him use duress to “deprogram” the Jews who alone follow the Torah, so that they may be more like him, like Kach. Kach uses the Internet. He is very mature in his use of the Internet. He thinks it’s okay to expose children to the Internet. Hashem looks down on Earth and sees Kach and is glad that someone figured out how to live in a way superior to the Torah. Hashem is glad when Kach advocates using brute authoritarian force and indoctrination to get Yiddin to accept his path, the path superior to the Torah. Let us denounce this group, and let us praise Kach.

    I honestly am not even sure that this group isn’t just Operation-Mockingbird-type propaganda meant to convert Yiddin to a goyish way that circumvents the Torah. Really, I am not sure these people are real. I think the powers that be may have fabricated these stories just so that moronic sheep like Kach read it and respond, “ooh, bad!, bad is any that treats adults in Jewish law like adults!” Your sense of what the Torah is has been chipped away systematically by those that want you to renounce it and to integrate among the goyim. Two millenia ago, the Romans invented a cult to try to do the same to the Yiddin forcibly subject to Rome. Today, they haven’t made up a “New Testament” or an idol necessarily, but it’s virtually the same struggle that once was waged against the Minim. Dare I say Kach is a Min of the modern day.

    Honestly, if the Lev Tahor group is real, the group should change its name and appearance somewhat to avoid defamation wherever they end up next and should try to go somewhere that doesn’t have Internet, if such a place exists.

  2. “They are better Jews than any reform or open orthodox.” How do you know? Did The Abishter come down and whisper this into your ear or what?

  3. @Schmendrick

    What in the world are you talking about “if the Lev Tahor group is real”? Do you really think that YWN and non-Jewish media made it up to try to convert Yidden into a goyish way? Are you really that insane?

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