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BRAVERY: Chasidic Father and Son Fighting for Ukraine Against Russia’s Invasion

A chasidic father and son duo have taken up arms to fight against the ongoing Russian invasion into Ukraine.

Asher Yosef Cherkassky and his son Dovid, who hail from the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk, have taken upon themselves to assist in the defense of the country, whose government Vladimir Putin has been desperately trying to dislodge.

Asher Yosef isn’t a stranger to war. In 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea, he joined in the battles against invading Russian forces, and sustained some injuries.

But now he and his son are primed and ready to take on any lethal challenge thrown at them by their invading nemeses.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Meshigoyim. Here we in Boro park support Putin. Ukraine has a vicious history of killing Jews. Everyone grows a beard and calls himself Chassidic. Is he putting on a green streimel with green Zokin.

  2. Please clarify if these people had a choice to do this!
    If they did have a choice….we have a Torah and we have commandments. VeNishmartem meod lenafshoseychem is one of them…..

  3. Um, I though the war was over. I guess they’ll keep the propaganda narrative running for another few days before admitting Kiev is Russian.

  4. I’m replying after the first 5 comments!

    Do “we” really know what it’s all about? Of course the Ukrainians of yesteryear were butchers. But that’s not the reality right now.
    All we really do know is that there are nearly 200,000 Jews in the Ukraine who are in trouble. They deserve our sympathy, money and teffilos.

  5. Why are chasidishe Jews living in Jewish blood soaked Ukrania, they should all get out of there,
    And go and live and fight for our God given land of Eretz Yisroel.

  6. Finally! Chasidim have been serving since forever. It’s a new shtick to say, “We don’t fight, we help by learning Torah.”
    During WWI in Hungary there were entire units made up of Chasidim.
    There are many articles about them running through the fields with their Payos flying to bravely fight. Many Chasidim won medals for their bravery.
    In Galitzia as well because of the good relationship with Franz Joseph many Chasidim fought.

  7. The Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Belarusians collaborated with Nazi Germany because of Russia’s ambition to annex them all to the Soviet Union. Hitler promised them independence if they get rid of the Jews. I’m not excusing that generation’s brutality to our people but realize that the real culprit was Russia! Russia brought out the worst human instincts in her neighboring countries as they sought to maintain their independence at any cost. Putin’s behavior puts all of us at risk & is much more of a sakanah to klal Yisroel than the current inhabitants of Ukraine. He is behind Iran’s nuclear program, North Korea’s, & China’s belligerence. His downfall would be a yeshuah gedolah to our people.

  8. Putin is attacking innocent civilians do they not have a right to fight back before these chayos attack the western world like Antwerp, Paris, Amsterdam or London?

  9. Rats Rats DemocRATs
    No I don’t support Putin YM”S and neither does anyone I know. There is no nation that had us as residents that can claim they were friendly to us. There were some worse then others. But how in the world can you support a vicious bully who won’t stop at Ukraine.

  10. Todros Gimpel:
    After what the Zionists have done to our brethren and fore-bearers before, during and after WW II and continuing through today, why does anyone worship them?

  11. Kuvult:
    It’s not a new shtick, and it happens to be very true.
    Regardless, the biggest issue in the Zionist paradise is, of course, the Zionist shmad, including the Zionists forcibly drafting the chareidim there into their shmad army. None of that applies in Ukraine.

  12. Haimy makes good points. In WWII, Finland fought with the Nazis to keep the Russians out but refused to do anything go after their Jews. There was an army base that had a Nazi office and next door was a Shul for the Jewish soldiers. War makes strange bedfellows.

  13. May they live thru to bench Gomel but the Ukranians wldnt sacrifice an oz of blood for a Jew let alone wld butcher if able to.
    Ukranians are the most barbaric nation on the planet. If not for wanting to enjoy the freedom of the West, they wld still butcher Jews. Their racism knows no bounds. Nazis in a better uniform.
    Good luck Yidelech. Stay safe and sane.

  14. Putin is good to the Jews. How else would israel keep blowing up Iranian weapons in Syria if Putin does not allow them. Only a fool would go against Putin.

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