The Board of Regents met today and received a presentation from the State Education Department about the new proposed regulations of private schools. YWN already reported that all of the non-Jewish schools in the State will be exempt under the new regulations, leaving only Yeshivas subject to the review and approval of local school districts.

YWN has now learned that at the last minute the State Education Department, led by Commissioner Betty Rosa, slipped in a section to the regulations that threatens jail time for parents who send to a non-complying yeshiva.

The new section is 130.14 and is titled Penalties and Enforcement. “Any violation of the compulsory education requirements contained in Article 65 of the Education Law is subject to the penalties prescribed in Education Law 3233.”

This bureaucratic language is threatening, not harmless. Article 65 refers to the compulsory education requirement that parents send their children to a school that provides substantially equivalent instruction. Education Law 3233 provides that a first offense is punishable by ten days’ imprisonment, and each subsequent offense by imprisonment not to exceed thirty days.

That’s right: These regulations threaten jail time for parents who send to a yeshiva that the local school district deems non-equivalent.

What about parents who continue to send their children to failing public schools? They are applauded and rewarded by the State.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. So where is Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion ??
    The leaders of the current Democratic party are really Communist dictators.
    I will Never trust a Democratic politician !!!
    New Yorkers !!! Protest for your freedom .

  2. “Betty Rosa is the first Latina woman to serve in the position.”
    “She has taught graduate level education courses including Education of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Children”.

    Yup. Good friend of the UNELECTED privileged white female governor Kathy Hochul.

  3. Yeshivahs should start filling law suits demanding equal pay from the state if they need to provide the same level of education. Money talks.
    I realize if they give money we will need to accept all applicants. But most applicants would fail the entrance exams. And just because we ask for the funds doesnt mean it will happen but hopefully it will help push them off our case.


  5. 1. You must send your child to
    public school
    2. In lieu of public school you may
    send your child to a
    private school if it provides a
    substantially equal ciriculum.
    3. If your child is not enrolled in an
    acceptable school you are subject
    to penalties.
    Why should a parent that sends their child to a school that doesn’t meet the requirements be treated any differently than a parent that doesn’t send their child to school at all?

  6. Send all children to public schools, and flood/inundate their public schools at their expense from our tax monies, and see just how quickly they would do anything to have our kiddies back in our Yeshivos on our terms.

  7. YMSH to all Democrats, leftists, socialists, anyone on that side, and all their enablers.

    You people who voted for them are at fault!

  8. Look at the bright side, at least the NYS jails will be real roomy now that there are no criminals there.
    Will these parents also be released in 2 hours with a request to come to court if they so wish?

  9. Since 2019, New York state has also decreed that all children follow the CDC’s inoculation schedule – whether parents believe in vaccine dogma for their children or not – or else home school or school their children out-of-state. Time to appoint others to public positions.

  10. So in Liberaland if you shoplift daily thousands of dollars, you will never see a jail cell. But if you don’t educate your child their way, off to jail you go!

  11. Minyanim like Landau’s and Shomer Shabbos; round the clock! Tomchei Shabbos and Chasdei Lev will deliver directly to the penitentiary. Satmar Bikur Choilam will be there every day and there will be Maos Chittim and Keren Hashviis appeals every half on on the 1/4 o’clock! This will be even more thrilling than the Covid hotels!

  12. Yes, keep on voting for the filthy treasonous Godless Communist DemonRats and this is what you’ll get.

    Parents in some states who protested at school board meetings,the fact that their 8 year olds where being taught in school gender identity or were taught critical race theory,and were told they are evil because they are white. Those parents were labeled by the justice domestic terrorists.
    This is the government we have now ruling this country.
    In the coming elections, each and every one of these criminally insane treasonous DemonRats MUST be vomit out by the electorate, if not this country is finished gone kaput

  13. The real discussion up in the air is what Our communities value and refuse to compromise on .
    As with all that noise Some compromise is to come

  14. HA HA HA so Ms Betty Rosa is the new Zeresh, the new Cuomo, The new Haman. Every few months there are new faces, new names. Some like Cuomo go out in embarrassment others like Haman go out with their heads up in the air. Either way our enemies have their downfall. We saw during Corona the yeshivos found a way to stay open. This too will pass be”h

  15. I suggest the argument in Federal court is that if the Jewish schools level of secular achievement is equal or better than the worse public school (meaning a public school with the same level of achievement in core academics would result in the school board being arrested, and the state taking over the school district), then there is a discrimination issue under the 14th and 1st amendments.

    Frankly, it is probably time for Yidden to leave the “blue” states and not wait until they are rounding us up to be in “re-education” camps. As much as it hurts the feelings of many, we have to realize that the secular Jews who runs things in New York are our mortal enemies. Just because they had good Jewish great-grandparents, doesn’t mean they aren’t the new Nazis.

  16. If the Board of Education is smart they will not put anyone in jail for not complying. The intelligent way to do it is just to cut the funding of schools that don’t comply. Yeshivas need these funds. Nothing works like money.

  17. NO PANIC…!!!!!
    Lets wait and hear from our Gedolei hador, Roshei Yeshivas,Rabunim,Geoinim,Mechanchim,Principals .
    Agudath Yisroel and CRC and all other Jewish organizations are on top of those new Gezyrus and there is NO need for any yid to start cursing our politicians. We must avoid Chilil Hashem by all means.
    Diplomatic way will bring much better results beyezer hashem…..
    Its Choydesh Adar and the same way yidden saw a Yeshia then we will see the same here in New York..
    Freilichen Pirim and Chag Kusher Vesemyach

  18. Maybe a compromise? demand NYS to provide online public schools as a trade-off for these requirements. Many states have them, Florida Virtual school considered one of the best, they even outsource to other states.

    You can enroll your kid into such school and then go to yeshiva for limudei kodesh.

    Alternatively, a yeshiva can enroll all kids and be their tutor. There are yeshovos and BYs that already do that.

    In both cases, you get public funds for general education, and you are in control. If you want minimal general curriculum, your kid can quickly go thru minimal classes. If you want better, you can encourage the kid to do more. If they teach something inappropriate hashkafically, you will see it and correct immediately.

  19. shlepper > Yeshivas in RUSSIA are thriving and the curriculum is NOT restricted at all!

    you are behind the times. Russians closed Volozhin yeshiva and kicked Netziv out for refusing Russian curriculum 100+ years ago already.

  20. Vote DemocRATs and get High crime,high taxes and parents forced to turn their children into strange birds. Yankela will become yentala and yentala will become Yankela. We think it’s a joke. Wake up. The DemocRATs are turning out worse than communism. They scream Putin destroyed Ukrainian cities but it’s ok when DemocRATs look the other way as blocks of our cities were looted and burnt. Dump every DemocRAT.

  21. Let all parents register their children in public schools for the upcoming year. My grandparents all went to public schools in Hungary and came out very strong yiden in all aspects of yiddishkeit. Nothing less than today’s youth in America.

  22. We could just see a meeting taking place
    (Person 1)How do we get people not to discuss the failing public school systems in N.Y.?
    (Person 2)We have to change the discussion!
    (Person 3)We have to point to those ultra orthodox Jews!
    (Person 5)How their schools have much better ratings in kids knowing how to read, write english, and let’s not even discuss their math tests?
    (person 6)that is never a problem lets just make it very hard to fid the REAL FACTS
    (Person 1)GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!
    (Person 2)GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Person 3)GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Person 4)GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Person 5)GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Person 6)GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Jerkoq,
    Chasidim don’t like when people let that “Secret” out. If their ancestors who were in their minds the frumest of the Frum attended public school it becomes hard to argue that learning English and Math in a Cheder will ruin their kids.

  24. What’s wrong with learning math, science, history, English???
    My grandfather went to public school, and attended a Jewish school in the late afternoon. He had a full Jewish and secular education. He even got semicha!
    Were so lucky that children can go to Frum schools today. Why cant the schools give them a full secular education?
    Do you know that in many chassidish chedarim, the English teachers have no idea what they’re talking about and are not even halfway fluent in English!?!? Many times they have story time instead of learning English!