WATCH: Dr. Zev Zelenko Gives Update About His Health, Warns About “Wave After Wave” of Tyranny


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In a video message from a hospital bed, Dr. Zev Zelenko said his health condition has taken a turn for the worse, with an MRI and a TE finding a tumor in his heart’s right ventricle, with a blood clot sitting above the tumor.

Dr. Zelenko is currently on blood thinners to dissolve the clot and doctors will hopefully be able to treat the tumor it is sitting on, as well as tumors present in his lung.

Despite the grim diagnosis, Dr. Zelenko said he will continue fighting for what he believes in and is in a “very good state of mind.”

“My resolve to help humanity, the vulnerable, the innocent, decent people overcome this terrible darkness and plague that is upon us has never been stronger,” he says. “And if I have to leave the world, I accept G-d’s will, but I encourage and plead with everyone else to up your game and stand up and resist… publicly against the policies of tyranny that are coming again.”

Dr. Zelenko continued, saying that the World Health Organization – which he says is essentially run by Bill Gates – is gradually overtaking countries and will subsequently prompt global panics and policies to “dehumanize” the world population.

“They will keep on sending wave after wave of their evil agenda until we make internal resolutions to kick the evil out from within us,” he said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. how does one accept this when deep down there is a hint of amazing truth….not the first time in History or the last….anything connected to Babel will produce this….now there seems to be attached to this the enormous gift of PROSPERITY that Hashem gave the Christians….thankfully I am not a follower of wealth or America or Americans…..

  2. Much as I wish him a refuah shleima bekorov , can ywn please explain why they arexspreading dangerous conspiracy theories? Actually, I feel that ywn should renam

  3. Should rename themselves . Your articles recently are inflammatory, biased and very unproffesional. What the words ” yeshiva” and “news” are really misleading

  4. the World Health Organization – which he says is essentially run by Bill Gates

    That’s ridiculous. Surely everyone understands by now that it’s run by China.

  5. Firstly a refuoh shelemoh!
    I’m not quite sure what his message is here. What is the reason Gates wants to spread disease around the world? What does Gates gain with lockdowns and pandemics and dehumanising us with ‘face diapers’? Is he suggesting that Corona neve happened and over six million people didn’t die- or that corona did happen and it was engineered on purpose by humans?

  6. I sincerely suspect the powers that be behind the “vax” global depopulation conspiracy probably caused Dr. Zelenko his illness. It would not surprise me if they administered on him without his knowledge or consent a similar one of their gene “therapies”. This video leads me to suspect that Dr. Zelenko suspects so too. I’m happy he describes it as avoda zara. Glad someone else sees it that way. If forced either to pass a child through fire to Molech or to murder a fetus to use its corpse to grow a substance to alter my genes permanently in a demonstration of obedience to the powers that be that really do seem to see themselves as gods, like nefilim, relatively speaking, the latter sounds like a far greater abomination to me. Even so, since I don’t want to end up like Dr. Zelenko, perhaps I should keep my thoughts to myself.

  7. Um, on second thought, I’d like to express remorse for my comment criticizing the nefilim. Granted, the vax is an abomination, but the powers that be pushing it aren’t necessarily abominable. It’s not like they themselves vaxed out. They probably got saline injections. Bill Gates and Tony Fauci, the idols of today, never forced anyone to worship them. Arguably, they have more zechuyos for their actions than most of us in that they actively worked to eliminate the unjustified from Earth. It’s like a ruse in milchama, which is totally permitted. Also like when Eliyahu got some cohanim of Baal to try their avoda zara on a bama at Carmel. Now, anyone who thought it’s a good idea to partake in this aborted fetus gene hack obedience ritual, arguably engaged in some form of avoda zara, definitely benefited from breach of the Noahide prohibition against murder, arguably breached Noahide obligation of dinim (for willingness to benefit from murder), which the Rambam in the last book of the Mishna Tora regards as a justification for war (as was against Shchem). So, if the vax proves effective, if the spike proteins clog em up, the vaxed can be regarded as casualties of war, eliminated by the very act that justified the war against them in the first place. After Carmel, when Eliyahu proceeded to Chorev, HaShem said He’d “leave in Yisroel some 7,000—every knee that has not knelt to Baal and every mouth that has not kissed him”. If only 7,000 of Yisroel passed on the vax, hadn’t breached the bris, that’d be enough for HaShem. So I say may the unvaxed inherit the Earth speedily in our days.

  8. I wish Dr. Zelenko the best of health in his struggle with his ailments.

    He has no particular information or insights into tyranny or the World Health Organization, and his comments about them are not newsworthy.

  9. Wishing you a complete refuah shelayma and only good news,
    May Moshiach come soon in our days and there should be the knowledge of Hashem throughout the world.

  10. Yes, the World Health Organisation are a bunch of money grabbing control freaks. If you disagree with them, they will go all out to put you down. They say they are doing this in the name of science and to make the world a better place. But really it’s all about their image. That’s what happens when you have an organization that is accountable only to themselves, and they come up with all sorts of defences to justify their monopolistic power. Competition is a good thing, unless you have the monopoly.

  11. I keep seeing different names for Tehillim. Can someone who REALLY knows, like his wife or one of his kids, please post the correct name? Thanks.

  12. PS: You may think his theories are off the wall, but there’s no doubt he has helped many, many people over the years, not just with COVID. Where’s your compassion for a Rofeh Yid? Keep quiet & say a kapital Tehillim every day for him… as I do.

  13. Dr. Zelenko has the best answer for those who refer to him as a conspiracy theorist. He says “They called Noach a conspiracy theorist……until it began to rain”. Have a Refuah Sheleima Doctor Zelenko. We need you around for many more gezinte yuhren.

  14. You lost me when you reprint the claim that Bill Gates runs the WHO. Yeshiva World News needs to review its publishing policies.

  15. The internet is the greatest echo chamber in the history of the world. Not only can you find multiple “affirmations” of the truly craziest conspiracy theories, but they can targeted to narrow audiences by a member of that target group. This guy is obviously suffering serious illness and giving him a platform to promote his craziness is not a great idea.

  16. I think the smallpox vaccine can be used to treat the new monkeypox virus. Perhaps that is why the US is interesting in acquiring more smallpox.