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WORTHLESS: Ivermectin Doesn’t Help in Treating Covid-19, New Study Shows

A new study conducted by researchers at Duke and Vanderbilt universities concluded that ivermectin, the anti-parasitic drug used experimentally on Covid-19 patients, has almost no positive effect on the treatment of the virus.

The researchers say patients who received ivermectin didn’t show any improvement in symptoms relative to those who didn’t take the drug, and those who were administered ivermectin didn’t have lower hospitalization or mortality rates than those who didn’t get the treatment. In fact, those who took ivermectin had higher hospitalization rates than those who didn’t.

Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19 received significant attention after a prominent doctor, Dr. Pierre Kory, made an argument for the drug before a Congressional committee in 2020. It gained further traction after popular podcast host Joe Rogan said he took ivermectin as part of a cocktail of drugs to treat himself when he was infected with the virus.

“There was no significant benefit in our primary endpoint of resolution of symptoms in mild-to-moderate COVID-19 illness,” said Adrian Hernandez, the study’s administrative principal investigator. “Overall, most people improved their symptoms whether they took ivermectin or not.”

“Given these results there does not appear to be a role for ivermectin outside of a clinical trial setting, especially considering other available options with proven reduction in hospitalizations and death,” Hernandez said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Hmm
    How did they conduct the study????

    We cannot believe anyone these days the corruption is beyond our imagination

    Todays COVID is so weak BH many people are recovering without taking anything extra

    But I would still suggest people take Hydroxychloroquine Zinc and vitamin D and C

    For those who want to BOOST their immune system, Take vitamin D, C, Zinc Quercetin every day

  2. Such rishus and sheker:
    There are many news stories documenting how Ivermectin literally saved lives.

    However, if their standard for knocking Ivermectin is:
    ““Overall, most people improved their symptoms whether they took ivermectin or not.””

    Then, they should also apply no less a standard to the “vaccines”.

  3. Without being able to see the study I have several questions
    When was the ivermectin given
    Was it the proper dose
    Was it taken with zinc
    Fauci and his minions have pulled this shtick before
    They “tested” ivermectin
    In too high doses
    On patients already hospitalized
    Without the zinc
    Obviously it did not work
    Just because the honchos tell everyone it’s tested and proven, doesn’t mean we all need to be gullible fools and trust these corrupt monsters
    They hide the truth
    And it’s not hard to do it when u can manipulate any study any way u want and most people aren’t smart enough to know the difference or ask the right questions

  4. You gotta love it! You couldn’t make this up if you tried!

    Ivermectin worked. There isn’t much real “evidence” that it works against Omicron, since people generally recover from that variant without intervention, making it hard to “prove” one way or the other. But it worked against the Delta variant, and it reduced fatalities tremendously in India, Peru, Mexico, and a couple of other countries that distributed it en masse. So to come up with a “study” now, when the only variants around are Omicron and its followers, is dishonest at best, and certainly an attempt at “disinformation”.

    So thank you YWN for your straightforward reporting. Next time please vet the drivel you post.

  5. Here we go again…

    They did the same thing 12-24 months ago with Hydroxychloroquine.
    a) They left out the Zinc.
    b) They conducted the study late-stage. (not within 5 days of symptoms.)

    Strangely, when it came to studies for Pfizer’s Paxlovid, THEN they were disciplined enough to make sure it was within 5 days of symptoms.

    I don’t believe Ivermectin is useless. I think it’s a fine replacement for HCQ (to be combined with Zinc).
    But i’m certain that this study is indeed useless…

  6. It would behoove you to consult with a few of the doctors WHO HAVE BEEN USING IVERMECTIN on many thousands of patients throughout the pandemic before printing scurrilous lies based on a garbage study that you obviously don’t understand.
    There sure will be plenty of Gehennom to go around for all the various people who encouraged people to not use easy safe and effective medicines to deal with potentially life threatening infection/disease state. I know people who either died as a result, or probably would have died but for being able to get them Ivermectin after they had been symptomatic for as much as 6, 7 days and on the cusp of having to go to the hospital. And yes, the Ivermectin turned them around usually within 24 hours very noticeable improvement.
    And no, relying on the mainstream media caricatures of the legit doctors to characterize them without ever even trying to get the other side of the story – at minimum – is grotesque negligence that is shameless dishonesty.
    I’m sure the venerable docs over at the FLCCC would be more than happy to provide you a thorough explanation of the evidence base for Ivermectin & their own personal clinical experience using it. But you’d have to, you know, actually bother to ask them.

  7. If “scientists” can “prove” that the world isn’t flat, then no surprise they can “prove” that ivermectin doesn’t work. Such meshugas!

  8. Shame on YWN for not publishing the full information about this bogus study.

    Your readers will never know that the NIH/Gates/Fauci cabal paid for this stud.

    Your readers will never know that the dose used was 4 mcg per kilogram when the dose for treatment is 6-8 mg per kilogram. ( if your math education was lacking in school, One microgram equals one one-thousandth of a milligram, states the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. That means the dose given was PURPOSELY LOWER BY A HIGH MAGNITUDE)

    Your readers will never know that the study gave the purposely low dose for only 3 days when the known duration of treatment is a minimum of 5-7 days, or until symptoms subside, and there is strong evidence and suggestion to take it for an extended period after initial symptoms so as to prevent long covid.

    Your readers will never know how to save their lives with a safe and effective protocol from the

    Your readers will never know that they and their children can avoid taking a toxic and dangerous medical experiment, that was never properly tested and is now showing to lower the ability of men to father children ( yes, a new peer reviewed study just came out. It’s confirmed. The “ you know what” WILL make it harder for a man to father a child. Why doesn’t YWN publish THAT???) and women are losing their babies or having babies with birth defects ( yes, there is ample evidence of this as well, but YWN isn’t publishing that. Why not??)

    Shame on YWN.

  9. For what it may be worth, I’ve had COVID four times. The first time, I took nothing for it. The other three, I took ivermectin after not being able to throw off the indescribable weakness that follows the initial symptoms. On each occasion, the weakness stopped within 48 hours, and I was able to pick up my life again.
    Additionally, friends who were so ill as to be on the verge of hospital admission recovered quickly and fully at home once given ivermectin.

  10. If there is one person that could be saved by taking Ivermectin and he doesn’t because of this article giving people the impression that it’s worthless, YWN would be responsible in part for his death. Think about that. You guys think it’s a game to make controversy and propagate the propaganda going with big Pharma and the governments but you are forgetting we have a torah and you are playing with fire.

    The word “worthless” is going back on the title of the page (Yeshiva World news)

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