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MASS SHOOTING: 6 Dead, 24 Injured At Independence Day Parade in Highland Park, Illinois [VIDEOS]

At least six people were killed and 24 injured are feared dead following a shooting at a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, on Monday., just two blocks away from a popular Lubavitch shul – The Central Avenue Synagogue.

Police and firefighters responded to the scene on 2nd Street and Central Avenue at about 10:15 a.m. First responders reported multiple victims, with CPR required for several of them.

Parade-goers scattered as gunshots rang out, leaving behind chairs, baby strollers and blankets they had brought to what they innocently believed would be a nice, peaceful outing.

A Lubavitcher bochur was at the parade running a tefillin stand when the shots rang out just a block away from him. His father, Eliezer Zalmanov, wrote in a Twitter post that his son called to say that he was safe and had evacuated to the nearby Chabad house.

Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesman Christopher Covelli said at a news conference that the gunman apparently opened fire on parade-goers from a rooftop using a rifle that was recovered at the scene. He didn’t know which building.

Covelli said police believe there was only one shooter and warned that he should still be considered armed and dangerous.

Law enforcement give description of suspect in Highland Park parade shooting: Described as 18-20yo white male, longer black hair, slight build. A gun was recovered at the scene.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

11 Responses

  1. May Hashem protect everyone there!
    The Highland Park neighborhood is over %50 Jewish. I know bochurim who had very successful mivtzoim routes on that street, and most people they meet in the street are Jewish.
    Notice the Kosher market in the background.

  2. In this densely very liberal-Jewish town there undoubtedly will be, R”L, an anti-semitic bend to this deranged shooter.
    One member of our kehilla was lightly wounded, and is , B”H , fine.

  3. Another white young man with a gun as has been the pattern in recent mass shootings. With more guns than people in America there is no way to prevent these incidents.

  4. @yaakov doe As Whites head toward minority status in America, these incidents will become more and more frequent. Biden and Trump are the last of the old white males in power. When they go things will get “interesting”.

  5. Rofe, just because the area happens to have a lot of Jews is NO REASON AT ALL to suspect antisemitism. Not even a tiny reason. To do so with no evidence whatsoever, is simply paranoia. Not everything that happens in the world is about the Jews, at least directly. (Hashem’s plans are all about the Jews, but the tools He uses have their own motives, which usually have nothing to do with us. A ship sailing from Gaul to Spain is only successful because of some benefit to Am Yisrael that will result, but the captain isn’t aware of that.)

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