WATCH: What Did Biden Say To Netanyahu?


Israeli government ministers were informed in the days prior to the arrival of US President Joe Biden on Wednesday that the usual greeting ceremony on the tarmac will not be held.

In past presidential visits, government ministers lined up and the president would shake hands and exchange a few words with each one. This was eliminated for Biden’s visit due to “scheduling pressures, COVID, and the heat.”

Instead, government ministers and opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu gathered on the side, and Biden was led there after the initial greeting ceremony for a photo.

Biden exchanged fist bumps and a few words with some ministers but when he spotted Netanyahu, he stopped for a longer exchange and took his hand for a lengthy handshake. He then told him: “You know that I love you.”

In an embarrassing blunder widely ridiculed on social media, a Channel 12 News reporter projected her own views on what she was seeing, and completely missing Biden’s exchange with Netanyahu, she said: “Biden didn’t look at Netanyahu or shake his hand.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Not surprised…
    Bibi is probably one of the best politicians, of any country, in the past 35 years.
    Don’t you worry I’m sure he will be right back in September….

  2. More to the point: Netanyahu so outclasses Biden in intelligence. Joes smarmy lines were probably viewed by bibi with amusement