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NYPD Investigating After Drone Seen Above Yankees Stadium

The New York Yankees say police are investigating after what appeared to be a drone was spotted flying above right field at Yankee Stadium on Saturday night. published video of a flashing green light hovering above the outfield bleacher seats, saying it was a drone that floated above the park for about 15 minutes during the Yankees’ 14-1 win over the rival Boston Red Sox.

The Yankees said they were aware of the report and that NYPD was investigating.

The Federal Aviation Administration bans unmanned aircrafts from flying over stadiums while games are in progress, but several games in recent seasons have been interrupted by drones, including five during the 2020 season when fans were barred from stadiums as a coronavirus safety measure.


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  1. Maybe they should lower their ticket prices or consider low cost streaming of games. And one should ask why the NYPD is helping a heavily subsidized, rich corporation enforcing their ticket policies.

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