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The history of betting in the UAE, and the legal options for those who want to have a flutter

Gambling in brick-and-mortar casinos in UAE is illegal, largely on the moral grounds and the belief that the money should be earned through genuine and diligent means, and that people should be rewarded for work, not luck. Best UAE betting sites offer opportunities to tourists, non-natives and ex-pats to enjoy the hobby in the country for those who want to have a flutter. Online bookies and casinos can be an option. Several online casinos accept players from Dubai and other parts of the country. Even with the tight regulations, the rules aren’t quite as severe for those who want to place online bets from offshore sites in the country. If you are simply hoping for a chance to place a few bets in the online casinos without worrying about the Las Vegas-style atmosphere, you can enjoy online betting in UAE without much fuss. 

When we look at the history of betting in the UAE, we find the people in the country have created games, like Tab, Mehen, Senet, and the Royal Game of Ur, to pass the time and rituals for spiritual purposes that have over time evolved into the modern board games and the table games of casinos. Tab relies on the chance of dice throwing. The existence of another game of chance viz. Mehen, has been forever captured on the walls of tombs in the country, in which playing pins are built to represent animals. Senet is an ancient Egyptian two-player board game. Some temple hieroglyphs depict the players playing Senet. The Royal Game of Ur combines rolling dice, and constructing a mathematical strategy on top of it, which is very similar to the familiar backgammon. 

UAE has its own unique gaming culture 

The Middle East has always retained its unique character, spirituality, and gaming culture, that have been working in harmony for thousands of years. Even though the focus has been on societal games, the prosperous and wealthy nation of the United Arab Emirates is going to surprise the world more with its modern sports betting and gaming culture. 

No regulated gambling market in the UAE 

It is vital to use only safe and trustworthy betting sites in the UAE because the country has no regulated gambling market. So, international sites are the only options available to sports bettors and gamblers. No regulations means that rogue operators can operate the way they like, including refusing to process withdrawals, or even banning the winning customers. This makes it even more important to bet only on the trusted sports betting sites and online casinos in the country. 

Make use of e-wallets instead of banks for gambling in the UAE 

Banks in the UAE block all gambling-related activities. So, you need to use discreet banking methods to move funds to the online betting site of your choice. For most players looking for online betting and transaction options in the UAE, the best option would be e-wallet services such as Neteller or Skrill. The services allow the players to open a virtual wallet wherein they can hold funds and process transactions on the best online gaming sites in the country. The services do not direct transactions between your bank and the betting site, keeping your betting activities in the country discreet. 

All through the history of the UAE, Muslim scholars have agreed with the idea of taking part in sports, competitions and challenges, as these activities are considered virtuous. Horse racing and camel racing are very popular in the country. If you are looking for an international sportsbook, there are a lot of options available to you. 

Online gambling through VPN 

UAE maintains a computer security section to keep an eye on the web for any infractions of the country’s gambling laws. Using a Virtual Private Network or VPN is strongly recommended while gambling in UAE. VPN routes internet traffic via a distant network while keeping your identity hidden. You need not worry about anybody seeing you, or tracking your activities. 

Of late, UAE has found ways to offer potentially lucrative games of chance. In the year 2020, a national Lotto was launched wherein the players purchased a collectible picture of the iconic UAE scene, such as Burj Al Arab hotel for 35 dirhams. The players seeking to enter the draw could purchase a bottle of water to be donated to charity. The top prize was tagged for 10 million dirhams. The game was considered Sharia-compliant as there was an exchange of value in the purchase of collectibles or bottles. 

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) plans to build a resort licensed for gambling 

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) has plans to build a resort licensed for gaming, or gambling, on a manmade island. Other global casino and hotel brands which have moved into the UAE could benefit should RAK pave the way for the other six emirates to follow. RAK has stressed that its regulations would push for responsible gambling in the lesser-known emirate. Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority says that gaming is a responsible form of entertainment, and leisure tourism takes into consideration community, cultural and social norms. 

RAK’s gaming regulations are being shaped by those of Singapore and the US. Like Singapore, the country has allowed gaming to occur in an integrated resort format for such purposes, but not as open as in Las Vegas. The UAE also appears likely to develop resorts that rely primarily on gaming revenues, for foreground gaming, with tables and slots forming part of a wide entertainment offering. 

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