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FIRST REPORT: (PHOTOS) Lakewood, NJ: Eldery Homeowner Shoots Burglar

LPD.jpg(Click HERE for photos) An elderly man living in Lakewood shot an intruder in his home early Friday morning, critically wounding him, YWN has learned.

According to highly credible sources, the man who is in his mid 70’s awoke at approximately 3:00AM, and found an intruder in his home located on CountyLine Road near East-End. Fearing for his life, the man pulled out his licensed weapon, and fired a round into the intruders eye. The man was rushed to Jersey Shore Trauma Center placed on life support, and is listed in critical condition.

Highly credible sources tell YWN that additional suspects are currently being interviewed by Lakewood Police, and arrests are expected. The group apparently is responsible for multiple burglaries in Lakewood Township.

Due to an ongoing police investigation, no official comment was available at this time.

YWN will post additional details as soon as the information is released by police.

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN / Photo Credits YW-41)

40 Responses

  1. Seems we need 70 year old guys (hey, let’s recruit Dr. Josephs!) to fight crime here in Lakewood!!!

    I think more fun unzerer need to get licensing (the “kol” that fruma have licensing – lav dafka guns – will have the thugs thinking twice!!!)
    Also the rabbonim shlit’a must stand firm and take action on their kol koreh regarding slum lords here in Lakewood

  2. This is the only way to get our town cleaned up, I’m glad we have this 70 yo HERO.

    I hope other creeps learn a lesson, if not I hope people will learn their lesson and go out and buy a gun. Slowly we will have this town cleaed up, it is way out of control!

  3. As unbelievable as this may sound, this might be the first step to deterring these thugs. There is certainly a perception among the criminals in Lakewood that no one will ever retaliate. It is a dangerous practice though. A hungry German Sheppard might do the trick too!

  4. B”H this elderly man had a gun, otherwise the situation may have been reversed. It is time for all of us to arm ourselves. Legalized guns are not the ones used in crimes.


  6. Okay, everything sounds great…
    However, we must keep in mind that people who are “experts” on this subject do not recommend that everyone just keep a gun around the house. Training is needed also.

  7. it is mind boggeling That some people find this humorous. “way to go grandpa”? this is an extremely traumatic event for the person involved and its disgusting that some are joking about it

  8. Was this alter mench a Yid? How many people in this post actually own a firearm and know how to use it? We all have a responsibility to.

  9. Further more, this has been a problem in lakewood For a while and its becoming scary to go to sleep without any sense of security. why do people think its funny?

  10. Once again the benefit of people having guns i think we need more people to have them i think in the Yeshivas they should have people trained to have and use them in case of another merkaz harav and that would also scare off other criminals like the stabbing or the beatings if people would be afraid the other person might have a gun

  11. #17 what makes you think the “poor burglar” needed to feed his family.

    maybe he is a drug addict looking for things to pawn to feed his habit?
    maybe he just like fancy things and wants to give his girlfriend a nice stolen necklace?

    wake up and smell the gunpowder………..the zaidy did the right thing.

  12. My point is not to actually get a gun, but EVERYONE should APPLY to get a license. imagine the headlines and perception that will follow if THOUSANDS OF ORTHODOX JEWS would just line up at the LPD and APPLY for firearm permits in New Jersey. NO QUESTION: the LPD would get hint, and would be thugs would start to think twice.

  13. If you are going to get a gun, please, please, please learn how to use it and GET A GUN SAFE! They make them with locks like you use on Shabbos. With kinderlach in the house, you HAVE TO HAVE A GUN SAFE!

  14. The first feature every month in the magazine “The American Rifleman”, published by the NRA, is “The Armed Citizen”. Criminals fear the armed citizen more than anything. A recently caught serial burgular in Lakewood said he robs frum homes because we don’t have have guns or dogs. Kudos to this zakein.

  15. Considering the recent events of listim mezuyan performed by a noble lakewooder;I would not be surprised to find out that the bo b`machteres was me`acheinu bn`y shyichye….and the baal habyis was not!!!!!!!

  16. Excellent story! This will deter others more than any other measure. The Second Amendement rocks! (But you have to know what you’re doing)

  17. great job-may this man heal from the trauma involved in this incident. i wish all perps would be shot dead. but that would be hoping for utopia. may this perp NOT have a refuah shelaymah; may he die as a punishment for terrorizing someone.

  18. This might not be as good as everyone thinks. Although the homeowner has not been charged with a crime (yet) he could still be charged. There have been many instances where a homeowner who defends his property, amazingly is held responsible for injuring the burglar, and definitely for killing him. Lets just hope that this shaigetz has no family who will pursue this older “zaide” and try to file a lawsuit.

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