WATCH IT: Biden Calls Heckler “An Idiot” During Speech Blasting “Trumpies”

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

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In a Labor Day speech during which he attacked “MAGA Republicans” and “Trumpies,” Biden had an unwelcome surprise waiting for him in the form of a heckler in the crowd of attendees.

But, rather than hear what he had to say, Biden attacked the heckler, calling him “an idiot.”

“Let me close with this,” Biden said. “We’re in a serious moment in our nation’s history. And it’s not–I mean it from the bottom of my heart. As I said last week, we remain in a battle for the soul of America.”

The heckler then interjected, though what he said is unintelligible.

“By the way, all right, God love you,” Biden said, addressing the disrupter. Based on the president’s remarks, it appears some in the crowd tried to quell the heckler. “Let him go. Let him go. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Let him go. Let him go. Look, everybody’s entitled to be an idiot.”

The Biden sycophants in the crowd applauded.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Anyone who interrupts the President speaking to thousands of people IS an idiot. Biden actually was polite compared to Trump who frequently screams at his crowd to “get them (hecklers) out of here” and in several cases over the years has incited a violent reaction.

  2. [i]But, rather than hear what he had to say, Biden attacked the heckler, calling him “an idiot.”

    Chill, since when are presidents expected to listen to random IDIOTS? (yes, idiots)
    As if Trump would listen to him respectfully…
    YWN should stop fake news, and make news real for once. Especially with half the things being not kosher, I may as well use mainstream media which isn’t covered with ads, isn’t fake, isn’t run by greedy Jews with stupid agendas, and is legible and written in professional English. In fact, the articles that are the most readable are the ones that YWN copy/pastes lol.

  3. I think the President was extremely insulting to Republican voters. I am not a radical, but I took great offense. MAGA-make America Great Again is not a crime! It is a slogan of one candidate and should be respected by the opposing party without branding his followers as terrorists! As I observe things falling apart severly because of the policies of this administration, I wonder why people allow this to continue.

  4. dear jews4biden your complaint to the ywn editing crew is a highly hypocritical. to complain about proper english and then write “lol” as if your a 13 year old is quite absurd. please get ur device tagged

  5. YWN you guys are so dumb; Biden is extremely divisive and views MAGA with incredible condescension, but there was NOTHING disrespectful about what he said, and his words were taken out of context to a really shocking degree. You guys are as bad AP and CNN.