OFF HER ROCKER: Lawyer at House Hearing Demands Republican “Repent” for “Destroying the Earth” [VIDEO]


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A House of Representatives hearing featuring a prominent environmental lawyer quickly went off the rails on Thursday when Republican Rep. Clay Higgins questioned the attorney.

“Everything you have, your clothes, your glasses, the car. You got her on your phone, the table you sit in the chair, the carpet under your feet. Everything you’ve got is petrochemical products. What would you do with that? Tell the world,” Rep. Higgins asked Raya Salter, the Executive Director of the Energy Justice Law and Policy Center.

“If I had that power in the world. What? Actually, I don’t need that power. Because what I would do is ask you, sir, from Louisiana,” Salter responded before Higgins interjected, saying, “I’m giving you the power.”

“You, sir. You, sir, from Louisiana,” Salter went on, “Should search your heart and understand why the EPA knows that toxic petrochemical facilities are some of the most toxic polluting facilities in the world and are killing black people throughout Louisiana. So my wish to be with you, to search your heart and ask your God what you are doing to the black people.”

“My good lady, I am trying to give you the power, so what would you do?” Higgins shot back.

“Like from a biblical perspective, we were given, we were given the Lord gave us dominion over the planet and the creatures thereof. Now, the original translations of ‘dominion’ means to care for and nurture. So from a biblical perspective, I am an environmentalist. I love my planet and the people and the creatures thereof. Do you?” Higgins asked later in the exchange.

“Sir. If we’re going to talk about, if we’re going to talk about the Lord. I ask that you search your heart again and think about repenting,” Salter said. “The fossil fuel industry that owns your state is destroying the earth and the natural world. And that is a fact, sir.”

“You know what you got, young lady?” Higgins fired back. “You got a lot of noise, but you got no answers.”

Naturally, AOC condemned Higgins for berating a female.

“Men who treat women like that in public, I fear how they treat them in private,” she said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Lord gave us dominion over the planet____Salter, being a nazi for nature is as foolish as you are and demeaning to the planet and the world… just made a checkmark on my sheet ……I checked the square ‘nuts’

  2. The witness appears more deranged than the mad hatter would if he were trying to impersonate how Slow Joe will look if he survives another twenty years.
    AOC, on the other hand… I hope no one disrespects deranged people by calling AOC deranged. She is simply a machsheifa.

  3. Since most Americans are getting fed up with lawyering, perhaps the lawyer in questions was auditioning for a job as preacher? In the middle ages they positions for professional “fools”, but that was before the legal profession had become fully developed.

  4. So Reb Eliezer, what would you do with the plastic you are using daily, at every moment? And not only plastic, but production of all materials have an impact on the environment. As the congressman said, this lady makes a lot of noise but presents no solutions. This stupid lady could’ve perhaps done research if there’s any way to do production with less pollution and present it to Higgins. If she has no solution she should be quiet. And since she uses everything she rails against, she’s a total hypocrite as all these liberals are..