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IN THE DOLDRUMS: Biden’s Approval Rating Still Floundering as Midterms Near

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are still stuck at below-optimal levels just weeks before the crucial midterm election contests.

The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll has the president’s approval at just 40%, close to the lowest levels of his presidency as Americans fret over soaring inflation.

With the midterms just 3 weeks away, the poll is a dire warning for Democrats whose leading party figure has been unable to extricate his approval ratings from the doldrums.

1 in 3 pill respondents said the economy is the biggest issue they’re facing, while just 1 in 10 said their biggest issue is abortion rights, which Democrats have been intensely focusing on.

“Biden’s unpopularity is helping drive the view that Republicans will win control of the U.S. House of Representatives on Nov. 8, though experts say Democrats have a better chance of keeping the Senate.

Even controlling just the House, Republicans would be able to bring Biden’s legislative agenda to a halt,” Reuters wrote in its analysis of the poll.

Other polls, from Rasmussen and CBS, found Biden with a slightly higher approval rating, at 44% and 46%, respectively.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



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  1. Why ‘Still Floundering’ in the title of this piece? Should we in fact, expect anything realistic to buoy our faith in China Joe? Rather, he should immediately be impeached for his numerous treasonous acts against the American people.

  2. This news has made my day:- Simply love it
    Sleepy should purchase a “1 way” ticket 🎟 on his beloved Amtrak and go to sleep permanently in his Delaware basement, preferably in the company of both hochul & latitia james:- All 3 should permanently vanish before 1 iota of more damage gets inflicted

  3. If Donald Trump would just stop talking and get out of the way, Biden will continue to fall on his face and we will hopefully have a responsible Republican president after the next election.

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