Pro-Palestinian Activist Pleads Guilty to Series of Attacks on Jews in NYC


A pro-Palestinian activist is well on his way to spending considerable time in prison after pleading guilty to federal hate crime charges in connection with a spate of attacks against Jews in New York City in 2021 and 2022.

Saddah Masoud, 29, pleaded guilty to participating in a conspiracy to commit hate crime, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 5 years. He also admitted to attacking three people over their Jewish or Israeli identity.

In his first attack, Masoud assaulted a man wearing a Star of David necklace in Manhattan during anti-Israel protests in May 2021, when Israel was fighting terrorists in Gaza.

The following month, Masoud and a co-conspirator assaulted another victim in Brooklyn wearing traditionally Jewish clothing outside his home.

And in April of this year, Masoud attacked a man who was draped in an Israeli flag near a pro-Palestinian protest in Manhattan.

Activists managed to identify who the attacker was and sent the third victim the name and a photo of Masoud, prompting Masoud to threaten the activists.

“I feel bad for you Zionist people when judgement day comes and we slaughter all of them like sheep,” he wrote online.

Police investigators eventually connected Masoud to all three attacks. He has been under house arrest since being charged with hate crimes in July and is monitored with an ankle bracelet.

“Masoud deliberately targeted three victims because of their religion and nation of origin,” said US Attorney Damian Williams in a statement. “There is no place in this country for this offensive and hateful conduct.”


  1. barzilai, remember because of COVID they allowed thousands of criminals out, just like the Dems allowed everyone to vote by mail because of COVID. there are no more rules due to the “emergencypowers” the Dems have taken and they have used it to close down yeshivas, shuls but not certain same gender bars and Antifa and BLM protests.

  2. This “activist”, Masoud also put air quotes using his hands on the word Holocaust. is linked to infamous Nerdeen Kiswani, who, in Jan 2015, had interrupted a memorial for Auschwitz meeting in Brooklyn City Council NY.

  3. ToShma: To paraphrase to make sure I understood you correctly: If attacking visibly Jewish people is not enough to convince you he’s bad, here’s something worse- he even denies the Holocaust. So Holocaust denial is now worse then physical violence. Got it.