DONALD J. HERO: Trump Says He Saved 100 Million Lives With Vaccine, Attacks DeSantis for Policy He Supported

Andrew Harnik/AP Photo

Donald Trump apparently disagrees with many Republicans that the Covid-19 vaccines may be unsafe and says that he is to credit for the saving of 100 million lives.

Interviewer David Brody asked Trump if he was willing to “acknowledge” that the vaccines “were not as safe or effective as we were told by the medical community at the time.”

Trump responded that “I was able to get something approved that, you know, that has proven to have saved a lot of lives. Some people say that I saved 100 million lives worldwide,” ignoring Brody’s question about the safety of the vaccines.

Trump touted his administration’s Warp Speed program that got the vaccines through clinical trials and approvals in under a year, whereas it would have taken a minimum of five years without those efforts.

He also attacked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for shutting down Florida “for a period of time” in the early days of the pandemic and claimed that he never supported lockdowns, though the record says otherwise.

On March 17, 2020, Trump explicitly told Americans to follow Fauci’s stay-at-home guidelines, promising to open the country by April 12th, which didn’t happen.

Trump was then asked again whether he has concerns about the vaccines’ safety.

“You have to understand, there are the pros and cons,” said Trump. “Some reports [say] that it’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened and we saved tens of millions of lives. Then you’ll read other reports [that] say there were some problems with the vaccine…but relatively small numbers.

“But you know, you have many reports that say the vaccines save tens of millions of lives,” he continued. “That without the vaccines you would have had a thing…where perhaps 100 million people died.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The actual reality & truth is, that President Donald Trump שליט”א actually saved many more than 100M lives thanks to his warp speed, and we have an absolute חיוב of הכרת הטוב to President Donald Trump שליט”א:- This includes voting for President Donald Trump שליט”א on 11/5/2024, and includes making sure we get to the very bottom of sleepy joe’s classified documents which shall surely lead to full vindication of President Donald Trump שליט”א .

  2. Operation ‘Warped’ Speed has now become Trump’s Archilles Heel. Too bad. He should heed Alex Jones’ (and others who followed Jones, such as Natural News’ Mike Adams) rejection of him a few months ago in favor of Desantis specifically because of this.

  3. I don’t believe any lives were saved from the vaccine. There’s certainly NO WAY TO PROVE it as the avg. adult mortality rate is 0.06% (not the exaggerated 2%) – much less now post global natural immunity with virulence & more contagious evolvement. You disagree? Prove it.

    However, the egoistic baal gaava is correct that he didn’t impose any mandates. The Biden lunatics did that for him and will gladltly pin any blame on Trump if and when the truth comes out or long term effects become an issue and sudden young adult injuries & deaths keep piling up.

  4. “Some people say that I saved 100 million lives worldwide”
    Total BS but framed in typical Trumpian gibberish of “some people say XXX” so that he can deny responsibility when confronted with his fabrications or vile commentary. Many lives were clearly saved and others avoided hospitalization or serious illness but no credible source for 100 million who otherwise would have been niftar from Covid

  5. At the time the vaccine was very very necessary and saved millions of lives and brought the world back to a form of normality. It was then stretched by the democrats who took over and took it too far especially regarding second and third and forth shots which were not healthy and proved to be not helpful in many cases and was used in their war against the republicans to put the U.S. in a state of panic. Adding a crazy amount of time to wear masks etc. so Trump does deserve a lot of credit for speeding the initial vaccine. Whoever says otherwise is either fooling themselves or has a bad memory or was born after the pandemic.

  6. Truth is Trump was on the right track when he announced Zalenko’s HCQ as a cure, but his advice was ridiculed because the intent was for the vaccine to come out & that wouldn’t have happened if HCQ was recognized as a viable cure. So, HCQ was banned by the Democrats & Dr Zelenko whose protocol actually worked was ousted from Kiryas Yoel & nobody was allowed to even mention HCQ which in early treatment was 90+% effective.There were many doctors & later Rabbanim who went along with the vaccine advice. We don’t know if the problem was the first shot or the boosters. Furthermore, Trump never forced lockdowns or vaccines. He did try his best to have ventilators manufactured quickly by having multiple companies produce them. Nobody knew that the ventilators were actually wrong for COVID19 and caused more deaths. Fauci did mislead everyone and if at first Trump or DeSantis recommended Fauci’s advice that was understandable. Bottom line, it was a time of many who were mislead, but to blame Trump who didn’t force the vaccines is wrong. The Democrats were monsters who banned HCQ and later Ivermectin. They forced the lockdowns and in NY there was talk of detection Centers. Trump tried his best from every aspect and we will never know the truth about the vaccines because Pharma is hiding it and still trying to push the boosters.

  7. As Dr Birx has said, trump greatly under played covid, he said so himself! As a result he is responsible for thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of infections. A complete failure to uphold his oath of office to protect the citizens of this country.

  8. Trump bought into the fiction that COVID-19 was an existential threat to humanity (rather than a bad case of flu), bought the whole story hook line and sinker without checking (e.g. not noticing that they were counting people who died of other things as dying of COVID if they tested positive for COVID). Trump was responsible for the massive increase in government spending, and the disruption to the economy, not to mention closing schools. While Trump probably realized sooner than the Democrats that COVID was no in the same league as ebola or plague or smallpox, his actions had already done the damage.

    The vaccines worked, but since 90% of COVID cases are harmless, it is unclear how many lives were saved. Remember that the placebo was 90% effective in preventing serious illnesses.

  9. There are 7 mln deaths worldwide attributed to Covid.

    upper bound estimate: Vaccines probably reduces deaths by factor 15 for the most vulnerable population, especially for original Wuhan and frequent boosters. So, 7*14 mln = 84 mln lives could be saved … I am not going to compute who actually got vaccine or not, quality of china and india numbers, etc, what other vaccines are out there – but 100 mln number can be close enough for rhetorical purposes