Hatzalah South Florida Ready For Mass Influx of Visitors


South Florida has grown accustomed to receiving a huge influx of visitors annually for what has become known as “Yeshiva Week”. This year is no different, and thousands have already begun making their way to the area.

Hatzalah South Florida has been operating in the Jewish communities of South Florida for over 13 years and has come to expect the unexpected.

Incoming visitors from across the country, choosing to spend vacation time in the established year-round Florida Jewish communities, can count on Hatzalah South Florida to be ready if called upon. HSF currently covers the cities of MIAMI BEACH, NORTH MIAMI BEACH, SURFSIDE, BAL HARBOR, BAY HARBOR ISLANDS, HIGHLAND LAKES, SUNNY ISLES, AVENTURA, HALLANDALE BEACH, HOLLYWOOD, LAUDERHILL, BOCA RATON and DEERFIELD BEACH. Other cities and areas are in the planning stages.

One Emergency Phone Number 305-919-4900

Across the South Florida region, one phone number, 305-919-4900, connects callers to the Hatzalah South Florida network of professional responders should medical assistance be needed. HSF urges you to add this emergency number to your cellphone and know the exact address you are staying in.

In the past 12 months alone, HSF volunteers have responded to over four thousand calls for help and transported many hundreds of patients to local hospitals, with their nine state-of- the- art ambulances. Six additional new ambulances are currently on order. Outside of New York City, HSF is the fastest growing Hatzalah organization in the United States.

Local HSF supervisors have been hard at work, training and certifying many new members, as well as securing extra medical equipment and supplies for the winter influx.

With over 200 Florida certified EMT’s and Paramedics currently covering the 13 cities in the HSF response area, local residents and guests should feel confident that Hatzalah South Florida is ready and prepared for them.

As Hatzalah South Florida does its part to respond to the incoming calls for help, the community and its visitors are asked to strengthen its support of HSF’s growing budget. Now more than ever, Hatzalah South Florida needs help to meet the explosive growth and demand. Whether you are a local or a guest, Hatzalah South Florida is here for you. Please remember to be here for them.

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  1. “Harding Avenue in Surfside was mobbed with ehrliche yidden demanding reservations during Yeshiva Week” at one of the upscale restaurants on Kosher Restaurant Alley. Indeed, nabbing one of the coveted reservations was like winning the lottery”.
    “Dining out with a family has become a rather expensive experience with inflation driving the dinner tabs as high as $100/person. It also is most stressful time for restaurant owners as they try to accommodate the throngs. Segal of Backyard BBQ with his fascinating array of smoked dishes says that he practically sleeps in the restaurant during Yeshiva Week…”

    “Nor was Miami the only venue for the frum crowds Yeshiva Week as many vacationers seeking a more tziniusdik atmosphere with more ruchniyus headed for the Bahamas and Cancun..”