SEE THIS: Nearly a Third of Trumpsters Would Vote for Him If He Lost GOP Nomination, Ran as Independent


If you ever wondered whether diehard Trump fans are more allegiant to the Republican Party or the person, wonder no more. A new poll finds that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would absolutely whoop Donald Trump if the GOP primaries were held today, but that a big portion of Trump supporters would support the former president if he ran as an independent candidate.

The poll, released by The Bulwark and North Star Opinion Research, shows that 28% those who identify as a Trump supporter more than a supporter of the Republican Party would vote for Trump if he ran as an independent candidate following a nomination win by DeSantis.

Regardless, the poll finds that DeSantis is clocking Trump 52% to 30% among Republican voters, with another 15% undecided.

“Donald Trump has slipped to his lowest point since he emerged on the political scene almost eight years ago,” Sarah Longwell explains for The Bulwark. “He remains a formidable force, to be sure, with a lock on approximately 30 percent of likely Republican primary and caucus voters nationally. But a majority of the GOP is ready to move on.”

As time goes on, it appears that the 2024 contest will come down to one thing: Trump loyalists vs. the rest of the Republican Party.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. It’s Brandon’s best hope.

    So much better for him that the election is about’s Trump’s persona, than Biden’s accomplishments (or lack thereof).

  2. The “good news” is that 2/3 would NOT vote for him. The “better news” is that by splitting the Republican vote, which was already several million below the Democratic vote, with MEGA MAGA or MAGA Light would lose to whomever the Dems nominate (hopefully not Biden).

  3. What will it take for the Trumpanzees to abandon Donald Trump. He’s been compared to Jim Jones of Jonestown infamy and his followers to lemmings.

  4. Gadolhadorah – you’re in need of serious self reflection and rabbinical guidance if you believe the anti-morality Democrat party winning is good news. Go learn some mussar.

  5. Curiosity: Trump=Morality?? I’ve taken your excellent advice and engaged in some serious self-reflection and as Trump would say, Stormy Daniels and Kanye West are “not my type”. I’ve also taken your advice and learned some musar. My takeaway was derived from the words of Rav Yisroel Salanter, Z’L, the father of the musar movement. R’ Salanter taught his talmidim that true morality required more than symbolic or highly visible performance of certain mitzvos and was measured by the way a Yid lived his private life and how he treated others. I cannot think of a worse poster-child for morality than this individual. I’ll leave it that.

  6. @gadolhadorah, curiosity never said trump = morality. He said that you need help if you believe the democrats winning is good news. Another point, if you are a such a closet liberal( enough that you would rather another dem instead of Joe biden) then why do you spend most of your waking hours on a right wing news site such as YWN? Read the NYT. And please don’t tell me it has to do with your hashkafos because someone with a proper hashkafa wouldn’t drop the name stormy Daniels in this forum( completely out of context mind you, she isn’t a trump supporter).
    You also didn’t learn about her from ywn so you must anyway go to alternative news sources. Please stay there and stop trolling normal people with your hate

  7. Also, please tell me a dem with better morals than Ron DeSantis, or even trump for that matter. He is no poster boy, but noone said he is. He doesn’t support child mutilation or abortion, or same gender marriage,which is a big plus