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In Wake Of ISIS Threat: Unusual Message Sent To Chabad Shlichim Worldwide

The Israel-based Chabad World Assistance (CWA) organization and the security department of the Mercaz L’Inyanei Chinuch issued a rare message to Chabad shluchim around the world in the wake of recent ISIS threats to perpetrate attacks in shuls.

“In recent days, serious threats from the ISIS organization to carry out attacks against various targets in the world, with an emphasis on shuls, have been published in several media outlets around the world,” the message states.

“The threats are 1. Due to an incident of the burning of a Quran in Sweden. 2. The security situation and the friction with the Muslim population in Israel.

“In light of this, we recommend that you increase vigilance in your surroundings in Chabad houses and Jewish centers. If you have security in place, ask the guards to increase their vigilance. In any unusual case, inform local police as soon as possible and demand that they increase their presence at the scene. Inform us as well.”

Rabbis Shlomo Peles and Moshe Fleishman of the CWA organization told Chareidim10 that ISIS recently issued a leaflet calling to their people around the world to carry out attacks.

“It is not known about a specific place where, chalilah, they’re planning to attack so we asked all shluchim to increase their vigilance,” they said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. I am blessed to have been born in time to have merited to meet the Lubavitch Rebbe in person, unlike 2 generations below me, who didn’t merit this

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