NOBODY LIKES HER: New York Times Paints Unflattering Picture of VP Harris in Brutal Profile

In this Oct. 8, 2020, photo, Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., speaks at Carpenters Local Union 1912 in Phoenix, as Democratic presidential candidate former vice president Joe Biden listens. Biden’s presidential campaign says Harris will suspend in-person events until Oct. 19, after two people associated with the campaign tested positive for coronavirus. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Even the Biden foot washers at the New York Times can’t make a case for his vice president, Kamala Harris. In a brutal profile, the Times anonymously quoted multiple Democrats who said she has no shot at the party nomination in 2024 and blasted her for failing to find a niche within the Biden administration.

“Even some Democrats whom her own advisers referred reporters to for supportive quotes confided privately that they had lost hope in her,” the profile says, claiming that a “panic” has set in among some Democrats who are worried about the elderly Biden’s ability to run again – and who could replace him atop the Democratic ticket.

“Through much of the fall, a quiet panic set in among key Democrats about what would happen if President Biden opted not to run for a second term. Most Democrats interviewed, who insisted on anonymity to avoid alienating the White House, said flatly that they did not think Ms. Harris could win the presidency in 2024. Some said the party’s biggest challenge would be finding a way to sideline her without inflaming key Democratic constituencies that would take offense,” the Times wrote.

“I can’t think of one thing she’s done except stay out of the way and stand beside him at certain ceremonies,” Democratic Party fundraiser John Morgan said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Typical white racist NY Times. They’re only criticizing Mrs. Harris because she is a woman of color, and her current husband is Jewish. They would never dare criticize the white male pervert, Joe Biden. Ever since the NY Times fired the black Jayson Blair, they have become an all WHITE racist newspaper. And yet we were sanctimoniously lectured to, that the democrats are the party of civility and diversity. Apparently that is not the case.

  2. This sounds like an article supporting Biden’s re-election before he gives yet another speech. He threatened voters with Trump, now with Kamala.

  3. I always said Kamala was made V.P. because she is the single best life insurance/ impeachment insurance policy for this president.
    והמבין יבין

  4. Her only achievement in running fir the White house is that she would give President Donald Trump שליט”א an even easier time on becoming the 47th President of 🇺🇸

  5. 147: Your childish and mindless repetition of “President Donald Trump שליט” is grossly mevazeh true talmedei chachamim and gadolei yisroel, but I suspect that your intention is to drag them down into the slime with Trump.

  6. Why are we paying attention to the NYT given how they’ve painted negative pictures of the Jewish people consistently over time? It seems to be that we shouldn’t pay attention to anything the journalists there say – NYT lost its credibility long ago.

  7. This article is ridiculous. It could have been written about Pence also.

    A VP becoming President without the president resigning (Ford) or being killed (LBJ) or dying in office (Truman) is an extreme rarity.

    Almost never will the VP be a good Presidential candidate.

    Biden is an exception to the rule.

  8. FYI Gadolgadora I never employed title שליט” so I really don’t know what you are chirping about.
    But I do know the absolute biggest of our צדיקים גמורים receive appellation of נר”ו which has not been bestowed upon the 45th/47th President of the United States of America, so think before you quack aimlessly

  9. YeshivaBochur.
    First 3 you are correct but a long time ago.
    Last 2 – you are correct. I am wrong.

    Similar to Cheney and Quayle, Kamala Harris will never be the nominee for the democratic party for President. They all do not have what it takes to be a successful nominee. Pence will also never be the nominee.