HATE: Jewish Teen Brutally Attacked, Severely Injured by Catholic Soccer Team [SEE THE VIDEO]


A Jewish teen in Miami, Florida was seriously injured when members of a Catholic school’s soccer team brutally attacked and beat him while shouting anti-Semitic slurs at him.

Bystanders say that the assailants – all of them students at Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School in Miami [a Roman Catholic school] – yelled blood-curdling epithets throughout the beating, including “Hitler was right” and expletive-filled slurs about Jews.

The victim, a student at the Scheck Hillel school, was pushed to the ground by members of the Catholic team before being kicked multiple times in the face, seriously injuring him. A cleat spike from one of the Catholic players became lodged in one of the victim’s eyes.

Hilllel students and faculty who attempted to break up the assault were also attacked by the Catholic students, including a faculty member who was punched in the face.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. JC ys was a nobody, the pope is worst than worthless and half that catholic team of boys was probably violated by priests. If I were them I would be angry and jealous of the living bearers of truth too.

  2. In Yeshiva High School we used to play basketball against a Christian academy. Other than an occasional Antisemitic comment it was fine. Maybe Protestants are more tolerant. (& No we didn’t go screaming “Antisemitism!’ We played them & usually won)

  3. I am reading this story and it sounds like a story that can easily happen in the middle of Gaza or in Iran.
    Maybe the time has finally come and Hashem is begging us, PLEASE stop playing with these animals.

  4. Why are all these hateful incidents happening under the Biden administration? President Biden promised us he was going to herald in an era of peace love & civility?

  5. I looked around online and saw different reports about this. Perhaps it is not totally clear yet what happened. Nevertheless, it is sad, and a terrible event that should be addressed.

    But we should keep in mind that violence at soccer (called football in most of the world) games around the world happens fairly frequently, even when there are no Jews involved. The nature of the game (and sports in general, to greater or lesser degrees), the scene, the atmosphere, is not something suffused with elevated Torah values, rather it is an arena where things like physical strength, skill, rowdiness, and drunkenness are celebrated and exalted over the spiritual.

    This is great teaching moment. We can and should teach our children that we are separated by Hashem from degenerate aspects of the surrounding cultures, since we are a holy nation to Him. If we try to breach the barriers that keep us distinct, e.g. by joining outsiders in such unwholesome pastimes, sooner or later we usually get reminded that we are different. As the Brisker Rav zt”l quipped, if the Yidden don’t make kiddush, the nations make havadalah.

  6. When we behave like Esav we go hit and reminded that that we Bne yaakov and we are making ourselves dirty Jews when we go down to copy the games and customs of Esav. They’re right we are dirty Jews because instead of elevating ourselves we enjoy stay in the filth with them when we are supposed to sanctify ourselves. All theses JCC and so called Jewish schools are the worst punishment for us and our children. Sorry for the kid who got hurt but understand that this is a warning before more painful hit like it was before the Shoah. A Jew belongs to a yeshiva to sit and study like our forefathers. Who wants to be a dirty Jew so be it but don’t complain about the consequences ! Antisemitism doesn’t exist when there’s no assimilation to the nations. Stop with the all the games of the Esav, this is avoda zara and this is not for a Jew with fear or hashem

  7. No matter what punishment these little monsters get reveals that the disease of antisemitism is rampant in this school as well as thriving in too many places in the US. It is time for “our children” to return home to Eretz Yisroel because at least, here, we can defend ourselves together and gain the merit of living in the Holyland.

  8. Maybe we shouldn’t be playing ballgames with animals that hate us? Let’s stop pretending we’re all the same.
    What will be done with these two legged animals?! They’ll need to write an essay? Imagine if this were a black. The country would be up in arms. Biden would likely even find his tongue.

  9. It’s not about Biden or democrats or liberals or any other teva reason. It really doesn’t matter who is in the lavan house. My dear brothers and sisters, please wake up and activate your yiddishe neshama. Stir yourself out of ur slumber already..This boy suffered very much but thats what happens when u go into the lions den..who are we kidding? What has changed? Nazis yemach shmam were very “civilized” educated and sophisticated..much more than this team of wild disgusting hooligans growing up on shmutz and violence of today…what is not clear here? 85 years changed smthing?.why is there shock? The expected happened. Period. We are not here for soccer or the superbowl or any other shtuyot. We are Am Kadosh. We don’t belong next to them under ANY and all circumstances. They ruin us just by being themselves. This is not what is meant by being ohr to the goim..we need to stay far far away from them to be able to shine our ohr…Aim for a life of kedusha and tahara that can only be accomplished in our holy land. If u can’t possibly come to Eretz Hakodesh yet …then isolate /quarantine urself as much as u can from them and keep your Mahane as kodesh as possible. Don’t u see who u r surrounded by??? It’s miracle that it doesn’t happen all the time..maybe this was even a gift…a physical patch to save a person from a spiritual catastrophe.

  10. I hope these thugs who attacked the boy and punched the faculty members were arrested and will go to prison. If that doesn’t happen, there’s something wrong.

  11. When Ron DeSantis and the far-right wing of the GOP call the U.S. a “Christian nation” this is what happens. Because of the right-wing leaning of Florida’s government, antisemitism is tolerated. There are many instances of Nazi gatherings here, showing up at at streetcorners and overpasses waving Nazi flags.

  12. To Leah:
    Your comment was very wise.
    You also mentioned Aliya to Eretz Yisroel.
    I think this detail about Eretz Yisroel, a family they need to get advice from their Rav and not only through the internet. A Rav knows very well his members, most of his members.

  13. Diane, you are as big a rasha as these kids. You have absolutely NO RIGHT to blame Desantis or Republicans for this attack. If these kids have any politics at all, I would bet a great deal that they are Democrats, their parents are Democrats, and those who taught them these ideas were Democrats.

    Antisemitism is not tolerated in Florida any more than it is in the rest of the USA. There are NOT “many instances” of Nazi gatherings. The same dozen exhibitionists have appeared several times, because they get attention every time they do it, and they don’t do this more often in Florida than anywhere else. They travel around the country to wherever there are Jews to upset. What exactly do you expect Desantis or any authority to do about it? It’s America. They have the right to express their opinions and make fools of themselves. That’s the same freedom that protects our right to be Jews here. But they get absolutely no encouragement from anyone.

    You need to get down on your knees and apologize to Desantis for defaming him.

  14. Quick! Move to Israel. For only there can you be safe. Grab your passports! Ramming attacks are just fake news as was the terror attack in which 8 Jews were slaughtered. (It is like these Aliyah people are just waiting in the wings for anything of an anti-Semitic attack.)

  15. Berish, the reason it’s good for Jews to make aliyah to ארץ הקודש has nothing to do with how safe or dangerous things are in chutz laaretz. Eretz Yisroel is the holy land and it is a big mitzvah for a yid to live there because of the torah. this should have nothing to do with antisemitism