DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: Heroic Hasidic Residents Jump Into Action At Supermarket Fire In South Blooming Grove


Heroic Hasidic residents jumped into action Thursday morning after a fast moving blaze ripped though South Blooming Grove’s new “Mint Leaf” Supermarket.

The fire started at around 10:30am at the supermarket on Mangin Road.

Thankfully, no one was injured, but sources tell YWN that it took nearly 20 minutes for the fire department to get adequate resources to work on extinguishing the fire. Not wasting any time time, local residents jumped into action, and can be seen in the attached video attempting to douse the fire with water.

Six locals, dedicated and selfless heroic South Blooming Grove residents Yoely Simon, Moshe Lazer Rottenberg, Kalmy Saal, Shmiel Falkowitz, Meilech Friedman, and Moshe Bernath were seen “manning the line” to help put out the fire. At least three of them are volunteer fire fighters in nearby Kiryas Joel Fire Department. They jumped into action without any protective gear or equipment to help fight the fire, and should be publicly commended for their heroic actions.

(YWN World hedadquarters – NYC)


  1. Heroic Hasids. They should put together a superhero group.
    But seriously, why are the firefighters letting these kids play with the firehouses?

  2. It is very nice of them to help out, but isn’t it a bit odd that the regular fireman were standing around while these guys manned the hoses? Did they just need a break?

  3. To all the commenter who didn’t read the article, go back and read it.

    “At least three of them are volunteer fire fighters in nearby Kiryas Joel Fire Department”
    If you watch the video you will notice the hasid has a firefighter flash light on him.