INSANE FOOTAGE: Car Goes Airborne After Colliding With TIRE In Freak Accident


A dramatic car crash on a California freeway was caught on camera last week, showing a car flipping through the air after colliding with a tire that had become airborne. The incident took place on Thursday on the Ronald Reagan Freeway in the Chatsworth neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The dashcam footage, captured by Anoop Khatra who was driving behind the dark-colored Kia Soul in the left lane, recorded the terrifying moment. According to the video, a white pickup truck was driving in the adjacent lane when the front-left tire suddenly popped loose and shot out in front of the Kia.

The Kia collided with the tire and was propelled several feet off the road before flipping in the air and landing on its roof, then rolling several times. The car finally landed right-side-up while the stray tire continued to roll and struck the rear of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the pickup truck rolled across the freeway to the right shoulder and came to a stop. According to Storyful, Khatra reported that the driver was the only person in the Kia and appeared to have escaped with only minor injuries.

The Los Angeles Police Department reported that there were no significant injuries as a result of the incident. The video has gone viral on social media, with many users commenting on the dangers of unsecured loads on vehicles and the importance of safe driving.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. How did the wheel come back at him again from behind for that second shot??
    It seems like it must have hit someone else behind him also and then rebounded back