Germany Acquits Anti-Semite Who Dissed Jews

Illustrative. Pro-Palestinian protesters and riot police in Germany, May 20, 2021. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

A prominent critic of Germany’s pandemic restrictions who repeatedly spread false information about the coronavirus has been acquitted of incitement to hatred for comments about Jews and Israel.

A regional court in the northern town of Ploen ruled Tuesday that Thai-German microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi didn’t break the law when he described Israel as worse than Nazi Germany.

In a video published online in 2021, Bhakdi also said that “the terrible thing about Jews is: they learn well” and described the country of Israel as a “living hell.”

The court concluded that it couldn’t be determined without reasonable doubt that Bhakdi had been spreading antisemitic hatred toward Jews rather than criticizing the Israeli government and its policies, German news agency dpa reported.

Prosecutors had argued that such comments could lead to Jews in Germany becoming the targets of hatred.

Judges also said that Bhakdi’s claims about the COVID vaccine being part of a second Holocaust didn’t constitute a downplaying of the Nazi genocide which killed 6 million Jews, public broadcaster NDR reported.

Bhakdi, who was greeted by dozens of supporters as he arrived at the court, could have faced a fine if convicted.

The ruling can be appealed.

(AP & YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Bhakdi was calling out dangerous Jewish thugs like Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer – whose minimal and corrupt research of the covid shot – and many other of the company’s toxic patented ‘remedies’ have injured and killed many multitudes through the years – and his company has been fined billions for this corruption as well – but the penalties are not enough to stop their insidious strategies at producing faulty research to bilk money and health from decent citizens of the world. He is not an anti-semite, but an anti-thug. With Bourla’s ‘help’, Bibi sold all of Israel’s citizenry as guinea pigs, and tens of thousands have suffered the c19 shot’s consequence, while others run off with taxpayer and other absolutely unearned loot. There are many others too: Soros, Tal Zachs of Moderna, and of course the many ‘bought’ bureaucratic regulators, many of our own faith, who have sold us all out – Jews and non-Jews alike, to poor health, financial poverty, politicized and weaponized medicine, and mandated medical mandates – all against the Nuremberg laws as well. Look no further than the Big Apple and our children in schools – no covid shot, no legal ability to work in Manhattan. No adherence to the adopted ‘CDC Children’s Vaccine Schedule’ – no schooling in all of NYS except home schooling. This man is a hero!

  2. Very disappointing. It comes on the heels of the other bigot, Roger Waters donning SS uniform.

    Former Pink Floyd Lyricist Polly Samson — and Her Husband, David Gilmour, Emphatically Agrees: “Roger Waters Is ‘Antisemitic to Rotten Core’.”

  3. wow, no one is as nasty as Nazi Germany and the people who follow these groups…sadly we are as well talking of America Canada and other countries whose aim is to harm Jewish People….even Twitter allows Hate to flourish even when it states otherwise, Waters is still floating a huge pig with jewish starts floating all over, Twitter thinks this is cool….so does the rest of the world

  4. There is also a trend to appease the million+ Arab immigrants who came into Germany last yeats…and we all know about the “education” in Islamo-Arab countries. To the first reaction by the one who goes by “lastword”, if one criticize out of genuine conviction someone else – not on the basis of his or her ethnicity , that would be OK…

  5. lastword, Bill Gates, Fauci, the numerous non-Jewish scientists in the US gov, the Chinese gov. in short, THOUSANDS of non-Jews were complicit in the murder of millions through the artificial produced Covid-19 virus and the poison shot that followed the pandemic but you point your finger to 2 Jews involved in the production of the shot?! Sure, the people you mentioned are villains, but there were thousands more non-Jews who have a hand in the planning and execution of the pandemic that killed millions! Governments all over the world who FORCED the poison shots onto the people. Bourla and Tal Zachs had no power to force force anything on anyone, it was the controlling monsters in the government who enforced the draconian measures the were forced on the people during the pandemic.