SEE THIS: One The Most Insane Car Crashes Ever Caught on Camera


A shocking incident was captured on a body camera video, as a wild crash unfolded in south Georgia. The footage, obtained from a Lowndes County Sheriff’s deputy who was responding to a crash along Highway 84, shows a jaw-dropping sequence of events that left viewers astounded.

The video begins with the deputy arriving at the crash scene, where a car was already involved in an accident. Suddenly, a separate car cruising along the highway veers towards the back of a tow truck parked on the side of the road.

The video reveals the astonishing impact as the car collides with the wrecker’s ramp, propelling it into the air and causing significant damage to the truck’s cab. The car continues to flip through the air, before ultimately crashing into another vehicle. According to the incident report from the Georgia State Patrol, the car soared an estimated 120 feet before finally landing.

Without warning, the car ramps off the back of the tow truck, flips in mid-air, and miraculously lands upright. The astonishing moment was captured by the body camera of the deputy from the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office.

Despite the intensity of the crash, the driver miraculously survived, although she sustained serious injuries. Emergency services swiftly transported her to the hospital for medical treatment. The 21-year-old driver was identified as hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, adding further intrigue to the incident.

The incident report also highlights that one of the deputies from the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office was struck by flying debris during the chaotic crash. Thankfully, the deputy escaped with no significant injuries, according to the Georgia State Patrol report.

As of now, authorities have not released any information regarding potential charges against the driver. The investigation into the incident is still ongoing, with law enforcement officials meticulously examining the available evidence and conducting interviews with those involved.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. finally worthwhile footage, of the actual crash and not the subsequent sirens, but some guy has to wave his hands through the most exciting parts?

  2. If you notice, you’ll see that all police cars on the other side of traffic. The site where the towe truck was, is just over the hill. Traffic does not see him until it’s too late.

  3. “As of now, authorities have not released any information regarding potential charges against the driver”

    Why should there be charges?