THE FIGHTS BEGIN: DeSantis Mocks Trump, Questions His Efficacy As President

This combination of the photos shows former President Donald Trump, left, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, right. (AP Photo/File)

Republican 2024 candidate Ron DeSantis drew laughs from an Iowa crowd after he mocked Trump’s criticism of his handling of the Covid pandemic, pointing out that Trump’s family’s own actions show how hypocritical he is.

“He used to say how great Florida was,” DeSantis told a reporter. “His whole family moved to Florida under my governorship. Are you kidding me?”

“Look, I’m going to respond to attacks,” DeSantis added as the crowd laughed.

“I mean, if you say Cuomo did a better job with COVID than Florida did — first of all, that’s not what he used to say. Six months ago he would have never said that, right?”

DeSantis took another swipe at Trump during a campaign event in New Hampshire on Thursday. Asked by a reporter about Trump claiming he would fix the country in “six months,” DeSantis replied: “Why didn’t he do it in his first four years?”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Desantis Koofie Toyveh…the person who made you win governor should not get hammered by you…
    Sell to the American people what you can do for the Country , do NOT get to the level of Trump shaming every other person he used to be friends with…Seyog Lechochme Shtikeh…

  2. Desantis 24. He is amazing. We dodnt need a crazy person like trump to run again. His time has past let him retire in Florida and campaign for desantis!