FAT DICTATOR: North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un Losing Weight Battle, Hoarding Pills And Drowning In Booze

(Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP)

South Korean intelligence believes that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un needs an intervention, with the tyrant ballooning to over 300 pounds while suffering from insomnia, abusing prescription pills, and using massive amounts of alcohol and cigarettes.

South Korean lawmaker Yoo Sang-bum, the executive secretary for the Parliamentary Intelligence Committee, told The Korea Herald that KIJU “may be experiencing a serious sleep disorder and engaging in excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption,” “hoarding” insomnia meds, and taking “significant amounts” of alcohol and cigarettes.

Furthermore, alongside the sleep disturbances and apparent substance misuse, the intelligence agency also observed the presence of marks on the wrists or arms of the North Korean leader. These marks are believed to be scratches, potentially resulting from scars associated with a stress-related skin condition or an allergic reaction.

Additionally, an analysis supported by artificial intelligence revealed that Kim’s weight is estimated to be around 140 kilograms, approximately equivalent to 308 pounds.

The evaluation of Kim’s well-being has consistently attracted intense scrutiny and generated significant international concern and interest. Any possible transition of leadership within this isolated nation holds implications for South Korean and global security.

Previous reports have surfaced regarding potential health concerns surrounding the North Korean leader, with widespread speculation over his absence at several significant events earlier this year, fueling suspicions that his health is failing.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Dear YWN

    I do not believe that editorial headlines such a “Fat Dictator” are respectful and appropriate for a frum news outlet. Why can’t the actual title of the article be left to speak for itself?

  2. BigKahuna: This headline is highly deferential compared to the standard headlines used here in relation to Biden, Trump, Clinton etc. Perhaps you are worried about retaliation against the many frum yidden in North Korea??

  3. To the 1st comment Bigdei Kehuna:
    I agree with you. Thanks for the comment.
    We are in Galus and it is not wise for us to start up with the non-Jews. Pure common sense-Why upset that man and get him angry, just to make a few $. Hashem has many ways to send us money. He does not need our help.
    Also, that donkey that chastised Bilaam, Hashem did not want Bilaam to get insulted and that is why that donkey disappeared.

  4. About Bilam’s donkey: Chazal tell us that killing the donkey was done as a lesson to Bilam to have mercy on the Jews like Hashem had mercy on him and saved him from the disgrace of people seeing the donkey that chastised him. Otherwise were it not for this reason Bilam deserved all the disgrace in the world….

  5. The only point is that as frum jews we should better and not sink to the level of others. To Gadolhadorah, it would be wonderful if you could find it within yourself to keep the tone of your responses civil. We will all have to answer after 120 years for the way we behave in this world — even you. I get more civil responses to comments made in the secular press. Signing off from this site and deleting my account. Waste of time.

  6. gadolhadorah=you’ve been advised in the past to keep your trap shut and have people suspect that you’re an ignorant fool rather than open it and remove all doubt!!