IS HE NUTS? NYC Mayor Adams Suggests Putting Illegal Immigrants In Private Homes


NYC Mayor Eric Adams is apparently losing his mind over the wave of migrants into the Big Apple, which he once proudly proclaimed a “sanctuary city” for illegals. His latest bright idea is to have them housed in… private homes.

Under the mayor’s plan, families would be paid by the city to put up illegal immigrants in their homes.

“There are residents who are suffering right now because of economic challenges. They have spare rooms. They have locales,” Adams said.

Are there any spare rooms in Gracie Mansion he’d like to offer?

He didn’t provide specifics of how the plan would work or how much the city would pay such families. However, he did say that New York City would pay houses of worship $125 per night for each asylum seeker provided shelter – cheaper than the $380 it costs to put up a migrant family in one of its shelter hotels.

The New York Post noted that if the private residence plan went ahead, it could mean New Yorkers would be paid more to host illegal immigrants than a foster parent is paid to raise a child in New York.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. An idea is for the heimishe camps to be rented out for the migrants after September 1. to the gov. These are self contained , w classrooms , gyms…and the city is paying millions per week

  2. Invite them in. They’ll stay until they claim squatters rights and then they’ll kick YOU out. Let the Mayor lead by example. It’s on public record that his home in Bedford-Stuyvesant has two vacancies right now. What a perfect opportunity for Eric to put his money where his mouth is and house some of those poor downtrodden illegal migrant bums.

  3. If it costs $380/night for a shelter, someone’s making good bank. A typical shelter in anywhere, America runs about $40 – $60 / person / night.

  4. Anyone who is not in the business of low income housing rentals who agrees to take in a illegal immigrant is either out of his mind or terribly naïve. Once they are in your house they have all the rights and you have none. You will need to comply with endless buearoracy to get any money, you are opening yourself up to endless lawsuits or damage that your insurance won’t cover because the house probably isn’t insured as a boarding house. And that is just the start. Once the illegal immigrants were there for 30 days even if the city stops paying or you change your mind about things you will have almost no way to evict them without a minimum two year fight in the courts. The city will pay the illegal immigrants legal fees, you will drown in debt from your own. So if you are not in the business of low income housing rentals stay away!!!

  5. Nuts would be forcing people to take in migrants (illegal too). the mayor is saying, we are shelling out big bucks to house the migrants, let the everyday citizens of the city get a piece of that pie. If they choose to take in migrants for dollars, that is their business, perhaps you can even call THEM nuts, but, why is the mayor nuts for suggesting letting the everyday citizen in on this racket.

  6. It will become harder for regular people to find a place to rent. And the price for regular people will probably go up.

    Yeah, it’s not the greatest idea in the world, but since when are we so against hachnasas orchim?
    We are not Sodom Who Sayin!

  7. Actually a good idea.
    in fact this should be the method pf dealing with it.
    If you are democrat, and voted for the politicians whos policies caused this situation, you should house them.
    But if you cant take in even 1 or 2, how dare you demand that “everyone else” take care of this?