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VIDEO & PHOTO ROUNDUP: Insane Flooding In Rockland And Orange Counties After Storms

There was widespread flooding across New York State, with Rockland and Orange Counties getting severely hit. As YWN reported on Sunday morning, a massive amount of rain was expected to fall across the area, with flash flooding warnings issued by the National Weather Service. As predicted by weather forecasters, the rain arrived, and fell in incredible force.

As YWN reported earlier, the Palisades Interstate Parkway was totally flooded near Stony Point, forcing the closure of the roadway.

Route 6 between Orange County, heading towards Rockland County was washed away.

Insane video footage has emerged of the flooding in West Point, Stoney Point and other areas, showing dozens of vehicle totally submerged underwater.

The US Military Academy at West Point on the Hudson River has flooded, leaving cars stranded while homes in the residential area were submerged.

Images of Thayer Road, leading to the prestigious military base in New York, showed dangerously deep rain water submerging a number of vehicles on Sunday evening.

Emergency transmissions from Police Radio can hear officers talking about abandoning State Trooper vehicles which were totally underwater.

The weather is already impacting flights – with a total of 1,355 flights within into or out of the US that have canceled as of Sunday afternoon.

There have been 200 flights out of New York’s LaGuardia that were canceled, 110 flights out of John F. Kennedy and 147 flights out of Newark canceled, according to FlightAware.

Below are videos and photos of various scenes in the Rockland / Orange area from Sunday afternoon.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. The national weather service is your friend. They had posted alerts and warnings about the severity of the storm and potential for flooding.

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