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Mother Of Kedumim Terrorist: “I Told My Son, Go Avenge Jenin”

A few hours after the murderous shooting attack on Thursday near Kedumim, in which IDF soldier Sgt. Shilo Yosef Amir, H’yd, was killed, the terrorist’s mother proudly said that she was the one who urged her son to carry out the attack.

She told Arab media from her home in the village of Qibya in Binyamin: “I told him, my son, go and take revenge for Jenin, but he told me, Jenin is far from here. I told him, no, we are all one country, we are all Palestinians, we all love each other.”

She later said that she told these statements to a Shin Bet agent, who apparently raided her house after the attack, along with IDF forces: “The police officer wanted to arrest me. I told him, I gave my son to Jenin. It seemed I made him nervous. He wanted to arrest me. He told me, ‘You lost your son.’ I told him: ‘No, I haven’t lost anything, I have six more children and they will all have children named Ahmed Yassin after him.'”

The IDF mapped the family’s home on Friday in preparation for demolition.

The “Fighting for Life” headquarters, which is behind the protests against terrorism in Yehudah and Shomron, said in response to the report: “The mindboggling incident in which the mother of a terrorist proudly boasts in a public media interview that she was the one who convinced her son to carry out the murderous attack is further proof of the erosion of deterrence among the enemy and the necessity of deterrence operations in the terrorists’ supportive environment.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

9 Responses

  1. burn the mother and the whole family…for the deaths they intentionally do to harm Israel…..after 2023 years of Esau and his filth…….lets stand tall against this horror

  2. If she is behind the terrorists actions why doesn’t she get arrested for incitement? Let her sit in jail and enjoy the Ahmed Yassin ימחק שמו nachas from behind bars. She must, MUST, MUST be present to watch when her house gets destroyed.

  3. This woman exemplifies the role model that democrat Congressperson Rashida Tlaib looks up to. A true hero.

  4. So what’s the chiddush. She is a true descendant of Yishmael’s mother Hagar, who cruelly abandoned her dying child and threw him under the bush. This is part of their mesorah to love Death. You cannot change that.

  5. It seems very likely that she is lying. He son went out and committed murder. What is she left to do? If she condemns his actions, she will be an outcast among her own. If she “embraces” his actions, she gets money and honor.

    It’s a sick society that encourages murder and suicide. Unfortunately, many who believe they have nothing to live for, use terrorism as a way out where they get honor and money for their family.

    Just plain sick. And yes, Rashida Tlaib is all for this.

  6. Just look how crazy her last words were: I told him i have six other children..
    Basically she turned herself into a human-bomb factory, and that’s her vision for the other 6.
    and what do the israeli’s do for the situation, they stoke things up.

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