TEHILLIM: Young Child Airlifted From Catskills After Suffering Cardiac Arrest Caused By Allergic Reaction


In a harrowing incident on Tuesday night, Catskills Hatzolah responded to Nachlei Emunah in Monticello, where an 11-year-old child suffered a severe allergic reaction. The situation quickly escalated when the child went into cardiac arrest, prompting the Hatzolah paramedics to spring into action.

Undeterred by the gravity of the situation, the Hatzolah paramedics valiantly worked to resuscitate the child, successfully restoring a pulse. Realizing the critical nature of the child’s condition, they requested a chopper to airlift the young patient to a hospital.

However, tragedy struck again when the child went into cardiac arrest once more. Urgency surged through the air as the paramedics made the swift decision to rush the child to Catskill Regional Medical Center. There, a team of dedicated doctors and medical professionals embarked on a race against time, fighting tirelessly for almost two hours to save the young life hanging in the balance.

Miraculously, the child exhibited signs of stability, as thousands around the world recited Tehillim. Catskills Hatzolah arranged for the Medevac to fly the child to Westchester Medical Center, renowned for its expertise in critical care. At present, the child remains in critical but stable condition, receiving the utmost care and attention from the diligent medical staff. YWN notes the dedication of the Hatzolah volunteers, especially, Catskills Hatzolah Coordinators Bernie Gips and Yeedle Feig, who were with the family the entire time, doing everything they could to help save the life of this precious child.

In the face of this heart-wrenching situation, the community has united in Tefillah, urging everyone to say Tehillim for the child’s recovery.

His name for Tehillim is Avraham Yosef ben Tzirel Golda Rivka.




(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The article forgot to mention what he is allergic to, which could be important for other people with children who need to undergo frequent allergy testing

  2. This goes to demonstrate how stupid the NYS health department rules regarding carrying EpiPens in summer camps.
    The idea that a camper or counselor is too irresponsible to carry an EpiPen and it must be stored at the nurses station minutes away when seconds count is horrifying.
    This is a rule that should be broken on a regular basis.