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ANTISEMITISM? Large Jewish Family Tossed From Catskills Hotel On Shabbos

A hotel in Hunter, NY, is coming under allegations of anti-Semitism after it tossed out nearly 40 members of a single Orthodox Jewish family on Shabbos over a noise complaint that may have never even occurred.

According to people familiar with the matter, the family – which consisted of several generations, including grandparents and young children – booked a weekend stay with Hunter Lodge, a Bluebird by Lark property. Prior to confirming the booking, the family outlined to hotel staff how many people they were, how many children there were, and what could be expected from them as guests.

The stay ran into almost immediate problems, as angry hotel staff told the family on Friday night that they had received a noise complaint about the family from a hotel patron. The family apologized and told the staff that they are doing their best to keep all of the children quiet, but – as explained during their pre-booking conversation with the hotel – doing so is no easy feat.

On Shabbos morning, hotel staff handed the family another warning, claiming that they had received a complaint about unsupervised children playing in a common area. The family disputed the claim, but again apologized and committed to doubling their efforts to keep the children contained.

Family members have stated that they don’t believe any noise complaint was made by a patron, as they had not received a single complaint from anyone in the hotel other than staff members.

Just hours later, hotel staff told the family that they were kicking them all out – men, women, and children. The family explained that it was Shabbos so they couldn’t simply leave, and attempted to negotiate with the staff – including offering to stay locked in their hotel rooms for the rest of the day – but the hotel refused to hear it.

A short while later, a large contingent of local, County, and even State police officers showed up at the hotel and threatened the entire family with arrest – including children and babies – if they did not vacate the premises immediately.

The family told the officers that doing so was impossible as it would entail chilul shabbos. The officers responded by offering to drive the family elsewhere in their squad vehicles.

However, two young children were terrified of the police cars and refused to get in. The police then called a city bus to transport the family of three dozen plus. Women with young children and babies were ordered to board it, while those without children then trekked approximately a mile to a Jewish-owned home.

Once at the Jewish home, the large family was provided food and lodging, and a place to rest their weary and frustrated bones until Shabbos concluded.

The family who hosted the stranded yidden spoke to YWN, but requested that they not be thanked.

“We are frum yidden and we did what every other frum family would have done in such a situation. We don’t need a pat on the back,” a family member said.

Once Shabbos departed, the family returned to the hotel and retrieved their belongings, with police on hand to ensure the process went smoothly.

YWN can confirm that this is at least the second time this specific hotel threw out an Orthodox Jewish patron from its premises on Shabbos.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. anti-semitism. Maybe they were making noise, maybe they weren’t, but even if they were such drastic measures are uncalled for.

  2. Hard to believe that the Lodge tosses Jewish guests for praying too loudly. It’s a destination for Frum shabbos getaways. There has to be more to this story. How many are ‘many rooms’?Were there issues about unsupervised kids, or excess occupancy?

  3. Someone should tell the hotel owners the alleged story of Joe Kennedy YMSH on the steamliner. אינזער קינדער שלאפן שוין .
    That didn’t end well with HIS kids.


  5. This place should be boycotted and sued. I bet now we will see all the dumb self hating Jewish commentators blabbing about how “not everything is antisemitism” and “they must have done something wrong”…. blah blah blah… ad nasium…

  6. They should each rate the hotel “zero” on Google.
    40 negative reviews from the family will destroy any business they have.

  7. Antisemitism is allowed so no one will care. The family should identify as black making it racism and then people will care.

  8. I don’t think it is antisemitism. it is very inconsiderate behavior towards other hotel guests who come for a restful getaway. perhaps, before booking a large group, the hotel should STRESS in writing the rules of quiet . I would be very upset to suffer noise while trying to rest. people often book these getaway places to get a relaxing weekend away from mental stress and need the quietude as a refuah.

  9. The less mingling with goyim the better!
    Goyim don’t understand our ways, so why go to a non Jewish hotel? Hashem causes anti semitism for us to know we must keep our distance!

  10. I am sure their bankruptcy will follow….any large family would be a party. Jewish mild compared a swash buckler with black folks or Medina’s reunion…..all from above….how to understand is simple….shut the world out and close all doos on gentiles and filth

  11. אלא שבכל דור ודור עומדים עלינו לכלותינו
    The final stage of galus Edom, accoridng to “the s’forim”, will reflect conditions previously experienced under Yavan/Greece (i.e. Shabbos, Rosh Chodesh, Milah, Torah, and open/public expression of G-d (the latter two are mentioned in Maseches Rosh HaShannah – Daf 18, I beleive).

    We have already seen attacks on Milah, Shabbos, and Torah (read attacks on Yeshiva educational systems).

    Another aspect of Yavan is Misyavnim; the enemies were from within our own camp (vi’hameivin yavin).

  12. How did a frum family end up in a place like this? It doesn’t sound like a kosher hotel. And if the place were truly anti-Semitic, why would they agree to host such a large crowd in the first place. Something in this story doesn’t sound right. And it appears no other news outlet has picked this up. Even if it weren’t frum people, just evicting a large group like that would make headlines.

  13. This article fails to identify the source of the information. I guess the YWN editors expect us to assume it came from the only source of infallible information, i.e., Hashem.

    The source is particularly important because the headline raises the question of anti-Semitism.

  14. Those kids probably behaved like all other kid’s behavior .
    You can not lock kids in a room when you go on vacation . Kids play and make noise . The hotel shouldn’t of takin their reservation once they said they coming with children . If the did sell them the room they have to accept them as is.
    Of course a few upstate motels are still run by old anti semites and they show their hostility to Jews and blacks openly .

  15. However, two young children were terrified of the police cars Because everyone knows that police are bullies who love to exert power & take advantage of & abuse everyone.
    Police already abused power threatening someone with arrest if the person wouldn’t desecrate שבת when a young fellow was crossing Kings Highway on a Friday nite some years ago, and ordered him to write on שבת or be arrested.

  16. Quotes from people who were there:
    Did you hear the other side ? I was in a hotel this week where the kids were screaming in the hallways from 5:30am. I have never seen non jewish parents let their kids out of their room without any supervision so they can sleep. Maybe in a yiddish hotel you can do it but it’s not the norm.

    2nd quote from other person:
    I was in NH at that time… sorry the story was that kids were running around making noise playing hide and go seek in the lobby. Throwing garbage all over the place. Unfortunately people let their kids do WHATEVER THEY WANT UNSUPERVISED… so it’s not so poshut. Something i witnessed myself..

  17. This was beyond traumatizing for this family.
    Someone already posted a very well written Google review. We should all do the same.

  18. I don’t believe we should automatically assume anti-semitism here.

    It is very possible that non-Jewish hotel guests were being disturbed by undisciplined, unruly “frum” children.

    The fact is there are too many “frum” kids in large families who are undisciplined, unruly, and basically out of control.

    The fathers of these children may be too busy “shteiging” to discipline the children, or else the fathers were feminized in the yeshiva system, or else the concept of disciplining children may be alien to both the father and mother.

  19. There is NO JUSTIFICATION for throwing a Jewish family with young kids out of a hotel on shabbos. I’m giving the hotel the benefit of the doubt that the family and kids were a real real nuisance to deal with and still what they did is off the charts ruthless. The hotel just needs to suck it up and deal with future bookings in a smart way. Everyone on this forum understands what it means to get thrown out in this scenario.

  20. RightJew: Your statement about Orthodox children is mere generalization, and your comment about the yeshiva system is despicable.

  21. 30+ adults add in another 30 kids (at the minimum) at a lodge with no playgrounds for kids. Did everyone squish into one room to usher in shabbos? Were the kids wandering without adult supervision? From reviewing their website it’s apparent the largest of the accommodations had an 8 person max and $35 for each additional person after the first two. Were there issues with occupancy limits? If this lodge were really anti semitic why would they rent to this group to begin with and why would they be recommended by so many frum women online?

  22. Lebidike Yidisher kinderlech they likely were. I think the hotel grossly mishandled the situation and will have plenty of negative repercussions but let’s be real! Our Yidishe children are not lemelech. They don’t sit with their hands folded on the table in front of them like public schools kids do! They don’t always pick up after themselves like public school kids do and don’t only play in the park or in designated play areas , as public school kids do! In Mitzrayim they were categorized to Paroh as כי חיות הנה: let’s stretch it a bit to say they are a lebedike nation.

  23. Ari Knobler: My comment about the yeshiva system was more oriented towards the kollel system where women work and support their families. In such a system, the women wear the pants in the family and the men are easily dominated by their wives. I have spoken with Hareidi men who went to college so as to work in a profession and avoid making their wives wear the pants in the family.

  24. I have it on good authority that the hotel manager is a big fan of pineapple pizza and would love if each of us ordered a few dozen pies delivered to the hotel.

  25. @bestcpa:
    They don’t need a court order to evict guests.
    You go from being a guest to being a tenant after a certain period of time which in NYS I believe is fourteen days.

  26. So where are all the protesters with their bullhorns, drums and whistles? Don’t waste such a golden opportunity to call out the anti-Semitism!

  27. Umm really dumb question here. How many nights did they book? 1 or 2? That can answer a lot of questions here. But of course YWN doesn’t even mention that

  28. Lebidike Yidisher kinderlech they likely were…. Our Yidishe children are not lemelech. They don’t sit with their hands folded on the table in front of them like public schools kids do! They don’t always pick up after themselves like public school kids…

    Well, if an extended yiddeshe famiy wanted to take their “lebidike kinderlech” for a vacation, DON”T take them to a mountain lodge advertising itself as an “intimate” resort and a “romantic getaway” whose restaurant features all sorts of gourmet treifus. And don’t generalize that all “yiddeshe kinderlech” are loud, obnoxious brats who can’t control themselves, throw garbage on the floor etc. If your kids actually DO fit into this ugly profile and you can’t control their behavior, than rent out a small resort or bungalow colony and have the place to yourself so others don’t have to share quality time with your dysfunctional mispacha.

  29. To those asking “How did a frum family end up in a place like this?”

    Your question is a bit naive.

    If you check the prices of some decent non-Jewish motels (not resorts) vs. some of the Jewish hotels in the Catskills, the Jewish hotels may easily cost THREE or FOUR times the cost of the non-Jewish places.

    “Frumkeit” has become a rich man’s game.

  30. Wow. Police coming amd forcing frum Jews out of their home. Horrible! Let’s unite to help them and be sympathetic. It’s not like it was some quasi-Jewish social service organization who was behind the police raid and the guy was divorced, with an order of protection…


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