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HOLD YOUR HORSES: Prominent GOP Rep. Says Impeaching Biden Would Hurt Republicans [SEE THE VIDEO]

Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina issued a cautionary message to her fellow House Republicans, urging restraint in their efforts to impeach President Joe Biden. The warning came during an appearance on Fox News Sunday with Shannon Bream, where Mace discussed the recent push by GOP House members to initiate impeachment proceedings against Biden over alleged foreign business dealings involving his family.

Mace argued that pursuing impeachment without sufficient grounds could carry significant consequences for the party, especially in districts where Biden secured victory in the 2020 election. She pointed out that such actions might jeopardize moderate members’ chances of reelection, putting their seats at risk in the upcoming 2024 elections.

During the Fox News interview, Bream inquired about the potential division within the Republican Party regarding the issue of impeachment. In response, Mace acknowledged the existence of a division within the party, but she also emphasized the importance of discerning between an inquiry and an impeachment vote. She highlighted that an inquiry serves as a tool in the toolbox for lawmakers, but the party must exercise caution when taking decisive actions.

Mace underscored that undertaking actions like impeachment or engaging in other divisive issues, such as abortion, may expose moderate members to potential backlash and challenges in their respective districts. She argued that the party must hold itself to a higher standard than what was witnessed during the impeachment process against former President Donald Trump, where the proceedings were politicized.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Yup…thats why most Dems are really not freaking out about any effort by the House Republicans to hold an impeachment inquiry… If they are smart, they will time the announcement the same day that Trump is indicted by the Special Counsel in the January 6th case or the Georgia DA in the state election fraud case.

  2. You mean the it wasn’t dangerous to impeach Trump and go after him on bogus charges like the Russian Clusion delusion and the phatom “Steel Dossier”? It would be highly unethical NOT to impeach if the charges are now apparently (based on testimony) true.

    All these house/senate political hacks are 100% sellout to their party’s dogma and their (campaign funded) corporate interests. That is why popuists leaders like Trump on the right on RFKjr on the center-left have gained so much appeal.

  3. Impeaching Biden is a stupid idea.

    There is zero chance that the Senate would convict him.

    The only result would be enabling Biden to claim that he had been vindicated.

    Impeaching him would energize his supporters, and make the House Republicans seem like vindictive partisan hacks.

  4. “prominent GOP Rep”?!
    Huh? What? She first got elected in 2021.
    A little hyperbole in your headline.

    The nearly two-year special counsel investigation of Russian election interference led by Robert Mueller cost nearly $32 million in total, a new filing shows.
    The expenditures report, shared with CNBC by the Department of Justice on Friday, covers the final eight months of the probe, in which the special counsel spent about $6.56 million. About $4.12 million of that was spent through the special counsel’s office directly, and $2.44 million came from DOJ components that supported Mueller’s office.
    What was the end result there???

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