SEE IT AND REJOICE! The Moment Two Missing Boys Were Found In Sam’s Point [LARGE VIDEO & PHOTO GALLERY]


Approximately two hours after being found by Rockland Chaveirim volunteers, the two missing special needs boys were removed by Catskills Hatzolah ATV’s and brought out to hundreds of volunteers singing and dancing.

Bichasdei Hashem, both boys are in good condition, despite walking for around 15 hours in dangerous terrain, as well as two bouts of heavy rain and thunderstorms.

The family tells YWN that are most grateful to all members of law enforcement, as well as all volunteers who worked tirelessly to find their beloved family members. The NY State Police, Forest rangers, as well as Ulster County Sheriff’s Department worked hand in hand.

A YWN photographer captured a heartwarming image of the two fathers hugging Catskill Coordinator Yeedle Feig, as they thanked him for his tireless efforts, as he worked through the night to help locate the missing boys. Hundreds of Hatzolah members must be publicly commended for the devotion and assistance, as well as members of Chaveirim from multiple different neighborhoods which deployed within minutes to offer assistance.

Rabbi Abe Friedman, the Chaplain of the Ulster County Sheriff’s Department expressed his sincere gratitude to all law enforcement agencies on the scene, as well as Ulster County Sheriff’s who were utilizing a drone with infrared technology to try and locate the missing boys.


  1. I must admit it’s much more geshmak being a chaveirim member than a hatzolah member. The thrill of a hatzolaah member is only going through red lights with sirens blaring and having people move over for you. A Chaveirim member has the thrill of riding all these cool machines and using drones.

  2. I thought the Chareidim were just a bunch of leeches and parasites! I didn’t know that can actually di things! I’m curious how they know such amazing techniques and skills if their education is so, so lagging and even negligible! Hummmmm! They’re likely regular state troopers in decoy uniform! Naftali Moster must be having indigestion from all this positive activity.

  3. Git Meshigei
    I have a relative on Rockland Chavarim. He had to take a special course and pass a state test to be able to fly these drones. It’s not the type you buy in a toy store.

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