Netanyahu To Israelis Traveling To Uman: “There’s No Shelters There, No Protection”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu chairs the weekly cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister's office in Jerusalem, (Gil Cohen-Magen/Pool via AP)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a message on Sunday in which he called on Israelis to avoid traveling to Uman.

As part of a discussion held at the weekly Cabinet meeting regarding Jerusalem Minister Meir Porush’s Uman plan, Netanyahu said that during his discussion with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday, Zelensy emphasized that there aren’t even enough shelters in Uman for local residents, all the more so for foreign tourists.

After the meeting, Netanyahu issued a message stating: “Israeli citizens who are traveling to Ukraine need to act responsibly regarding their trips at this time.”

“Hakadosh Baruch Hu has not always protected us, not in Europe nor Ukraine.”

“It must be understood that in the State of Israel, when missiles fall on us, citizens enter shelters and there is protection. There, there are no shelters and no protection.”

Netanyahu instructed Foreign Minister Eli Cohen to sharpen the ministry’s travel warning to Ukraine and detail the threats involved in traveling there.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “Hakadosh Baruch Hu has not always protected us”

    A. We should do kriya for hearing this
    B. This statement will be his downfall.

    Hashem yirachem, hashem yirachem.

  2. I think what he is saying is what the Gemara teaches.

    It is forbidden to go into a dangerous place and expect Hashems protection.

    Ukraine is a war zone and no one should be going into a war zone, who’s not a soldier, thinking Hashem will protect them.

    Stop being so quick to criticize him and others, and instead judge favorably, and do it for your sake, because it’s 6 days before Rosh Hashanah.

  3. His statement is absolutely true. There is no guarantee of Hashem’s protection if we do not do the necessary hishtadlus of staying away from dangerous places.

  4. and yemach shemo.
    As if one is protected in Israel all the time, mark my words this guys got a curse on his head no-one should be jealous of.
    start counting.

  5. I haven’t read such an article containing so much Kfira in my entire life…
    And you have the audacity to quote this.
    Pure statement of כוחי ועוצם ידי

    Are you going to start quoting the Pope and Prophet Mohammed too now, just because it’s news?

    You are supposed to be a reliable source of news for the Frum World. How can I allow my kids to read this website with such articles. Hashem Yerachem

  6. @doom777: Doubtless Mr. Netanyahu meant that there are no guarantees of continual physical protection and that is not only correct, but obvious. Were you paying attention when they leined the tochacha last Shabbos? And, are you aware that it is prohibited for a person to deliberately put himself in a dangerous situation and expect Hashem to surround him with a magic bubble that will keep him safe?
    I hope that those who will travel to Uman no matter what anyone says will merit at least the protection of shomer psaim Hashem, but if anyone is chas vesholom harmed, damam b’roshom.

  7. like typical kochi-v’etzem-yadi zionist hogs, this sickening creature is a total apikores, self proclaimed devout disciple of vladmir jabotinsky ym”sh.
    It is about time that people wake up and realize that these filthy zionists are bite-size feeding idiotic chareidim who so naively think they “have him in their pocket”, when in reality this twisted SPIRITUAL Nazi has it out much much better than them.

  8. Hey, doom77, are you a holocaust denier? evidently, you don’t believe that six million Jews were slaughtered during the holocaust, evidently you are not aware of the Crusades or the inquisitions and forced expulsions, and hundreds of pogroms during a thousand years of Golus in Europe, where millions more were murdered.
    Were those million protected? Of course not. Of course, we don’t know the reason why, and only HASHEM knows, but facts are facts Millions and Millions were murdered and had no protection against their murderers.

    Why would anyone object to this statement is beyond me.
    Bibi just said to be careful when going into a war zone, and don’t assume for sure that God would protect you because there are millions of examples where Jews were not protected.

    Even HALACHA agrees with what Bibi said, According to halacha deliberately going into a war zone and putting yourself in danger, is considered suicide, to rationalize it with BITACHON is not an option.

  9. Jerusalem Talmud, tractate Shabbat, chapter 2, law 6, page 19B:

    Rab taught:
    He who lives in a rickety [shaky] house, he makes the Angel of Death his creditor.

    Babylonian Talmud, tractate Shabbat, page 32A:

    Rabbi Yannai taught:

    A person should never stand in a place of danger, and hope for a miracle, because a miracle might not happen. And if a miracle happens, it is subtracted from your [eternal accumulation] of good deeds (this also appears in Taanit, page 20B).

    Babylonian Talmud, tractate Pesachim, page 8B, 10th line on page:

    But Rabbi Elazar taught:
    People sent to perform a religious duty will not suffer harm?
    Where danger is found, it is different.

  10. it says when HASHEM told SHMIEL HANAVI to go pick DAVID for a king he told HAHSEM “EICH EILICH VSHUMA SHUEEL VYHURGEINI” here HASHEM tells him to go and he is afraid. answers the RAN when schiche hezieke shane

  11. Absolute right what Netanyahu says.

    Ukraine should protect its citizens first, and Israel should not provide any kind of aid to people going into an active war zone!

    If something happens over there, not one Dollar should be spent to rescue them!

    It is not understandable what happened with these guys going to Uman. It has nothing to do with religion, maybe with stupidity……

  12. I am not getting into Uman good/Uman bad. You can say that it is forbidden to go into a danger zone, or you can say that it is not really so dangerous, or you can say that a tzadik’s promise provides guaranteed protection. Whatever.

    Hashem has always and will always protect us. Even if something “bad” happens, it’s still Him protecting us from something even worse.

  13. “Active war zone”? Really? How exactly is Uman an active war zone? The last time I checked a map it looked to be a completely different part of the country.

  14. Bs”d
    Brezlevers and many others go to Uman on Rosh Hashanah b/c Rebbe Nachman Zt”l promised that , whoever goes to to his grave, recites the “Tikkun HaKlali” , the Ten Chapters of Tehillim he inumerated , and gives some money to tzedakah , “I will extend myself the length and breadth of Creation for him; by his peyos {sidelocks}, Iwill pull him out of Gehinnom!” He testified this in the presence of two witnesses.
    This is why people are desperate to go there on Rosh Hashanah.
    Now, whether it is allowed to go there now, b/c it is in a possible war zone, c”v, I would not presume to know. it is a question that should be put to a Godol. But their wish to go there should NOT be called stupidity.
    As far as Natanyohu’s statement is concerned, it is gratifying that he has been mentioning Hashem in his statements. it had been a common complaint for many years that Israeli politicians never mentioned Hashem, unlike American presidents, who always say, G-d bless America, and such like. It is a step forward that Bibi mentions Hashem. He has said: Boruch Hashem” in messages for a while now.


  15. To the 1st commenter:
    The way it was worded in this article, you have a point that it sounds like Apikorses.

    In reality, he probably said something similar and when you change just one word, the meaning is different.
    He probably said something along the lines that most of the commenters here are in agreement that he meant not to enter a war zone and expect a miracle.
    YWN probably misunderstood one word and it changed the whole picture.

  16. Attention all heresy shriekers here:

    SQUARE_ROOT is quite correct, the heresy shriekers are the ones kofer the Talmud and other Torah sources.

    Those attacking Netanyahu for his statement about God’s protection are in effect denying clear statements in the Talmud and elsewhere that Jews do not always merit to be saved.

    “Yet I will keep My countenance hidden on that day, because of all the evil they have done in turning to other gods. ” (Devarim 31:18)

    “אבל אסתיר פני מהצילם”
    (Sforno on Devarim 31:18)

  17. Venishmartem Nafshoysychem the Torah says NOT bibi…..Bibi is only an elected leader who has to do his responsibility the rest we leave to Shoyme hashem Pesoyim. Wishing everyone a safe trip and safe return home and Kesiva vechasima Tova, and hashem should listen to all our prayers.

  18. Shame on you YWN
    I created an account just to respond to this!
    How dare you repeat such Kefira in this manner?
    See how the Israeli’s are reporting it:
    דברי כפירה חמורים של נתניהו בדיון בממשלה, ש”ס פרסמה גינוי

    במהלך הדיון בממשלה סביב הנסיעה לאומן ביקש ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו לחדד את הסכנה בנסיעה לאומן וקרא לנוסעים לשאת באחריות אישית.
    “אזרחים ישראלים שנוסעים לאוקראינה צריכים לשאת באחריות אישית לנסיעתם בעת הזו”, אמר נתניהו והוסיף את המשפט הנורא שמתפרסם כאן בחלקו: “מלמעלה לא תמיד הגנו עלינו, גם לא על אדמת אירופה ועל אדמת אוקראינה” עפ”ל.
    בתנועת ש”ס פרסמו גינוי: “הקב”ה תמיד הגן על עם ישראל בכל הגלויות ובכל הרדיפות, וזו הסיבה שעם ישראל הוא היחיד השורד באורח פלא כבר אלפי שנים, בעוד עמים רבים וחזקים נכחדו – כמובן, התנאי להשגחה האלוקית הוא דבקות באמונה ושמירת התורה והמצוות כפי שהעם היהודי עושה מאז היותו לעם”.

  19. Afar bepumai
    Hashem has always protected Klal Yisrael. The reason why the nation of Israel have survived thousands of years was not because of the modern Israeli Govt. If he meant that a person is not allowed to put himself in a dangerous situation, there is another way of saying it..

  20. Many claim (like Doom770 and Shas) that it is kefirah say “Hakadosh Baruch Hu has not always protected us”, because “Hashem always protected the Jewish people during persecution”.


    I better cross out all the psukim of “kefirah” in my Chumash like:

    וחרה אפי בו ביום ההוא, ועזבתים, והסתרתי פני מהם והיה לאכול , ומצאוהו רעות רבות וצרות


    ואנכי הסתר אסתיר פני ביום ההוא

    And many other psukim of “kefirah”.

    In fact, let’s cross out most of Pasrshas B’chukosy and Ki Savo. We can’t have any “kefira” in our chumashim!

  21. Netanyahu could have said it more refined, but he wanted people to hear it clearly.

    He could have said: הירושלמי במסכת יומא למדו מהפסוק “לֹא תְנַסּוּ אֶת ה’ אֱלֹקֵיכֶם”, שאין סומכין על הנס, one cannot rely that Hashem will make a Nes to save the person,

    He could have also said: במסכת שבת: לעולם אל יעמוד אדם במקום סכנה לומר שעושין לו נס, שמא אין עושין לו נס. ואם עושין לו נס, מנכין לו מזכיותיו, a person that places himself in danger cannot say that Hashem will protect him from it.

    Further, he could have said: עוד אמרו במסכת קידושין שאף על פי ששלוחי מצוה אינם נזוקים, אולם במקום שהסכנה ברורה [“קביע הזיקא”] אין סומכין על הנס , that even the protection while doing a mitzva does not apply when the danger is established.

    Indeed, he could have given a shiyur that the poskim discuss the prohibition of entering into a danger zone and relying on a nes to save him, if this prohibition is Biblical or Rabbinical.

    Instead, he said in simply and plainly…and this Shas (and Doom770) calls “kefirah”.

  22. I never knew that the Shas chumashim omit most of of Pasrshas B’chukosy and Ki Savo (the Klollos stating when Hashem does not protect Bnei Yisroel and allows them to be destroyed). Shas must not have any “kefira” in their chumashim!

    Query: Is it kefirah to say that some parshiyot of Torah are kefirah?!

  23. 1a2b3c, even if we do our hishtadlus and stay away from obvious danger, there is still no guarantee that Hashem will protect us. He explicitly warned us that He will NOT always protect us, and our entire history is one long demonstration that He meant what He said.

    Bitachon does not mean pretending that Hashem will never let undesired things happen to us; it means trusting that He knows what He’s doing, and whatever happens is ultimately for a good purpose.

  24. > searchin345

    CNN reports in April 2023:
    > Russia unleashed what is believed to have been the deadliest attack on Ukrainian civilians in months on Friday, killing at least 23 people in an early-morning missile strike on an apartment block in the city of Uman.

    Aside from that, there is travel to and from Uman.

  25. @searchin345,
    your so right but remember, an idiot is hard enough but a stubborn idiot is the worst.

    To all those idiotic commenters:
    Besides, all those heresy lovers and Jew haters, please mind your foul garbage and retain it for your WC visits.
    Anyone with any physical matter existing in the space between his/her two ears would know that saying Hashem doesn’t always….. r”l is a kofer b’ikar and has a din of mordin v’eyno ma’alin.
    Open any sefer that discusses these topics (not just emotional/kefira-driven social media posts/searches) and you’ll see that this is a basic tenet in Judaism.
    This self-proclaimed devout student of the koifer Jabotinsky Yemach Shemo Vezichro says such drivel and look-! People still run after him like some sort of cult.
    End of the day, Bibi Netanyahu YEMACH SHEMO.