EXPLSOVE GROWITH: Chesed of Flatbush Marks One Year Anniversary, Services Thousands of Residents


It was just a year ago when Chesed of Flatbush (COF) launched as a small but ambitious initiative to assist local residents with medical-related needs. Now, just 12 short months later, the organization has blossomed into a massive, multi-faceted operation that is already a critical organization in the Flatbush community.

Over the past year, Chesed of Flatbush has assisted thousands of residents, with hundreds pieces of medical equipment out on loan at any given time.

More than a million dollars has been spent on purchasing state-of-the-art medical equipment, and multiple vehicles have been procured to assist the organization’s 70 volunteers get equipment to homes where they are needed on a moment’s notice.

Besides for its dedicated volunteers, Chesed of Flatbush boasts a roster of 30 doctors and nurse practitioners who on a case by case base help treat homebound patients, sparing them the pain and grief of being hospitalized.

As its operations expand and its services multiply, Chesed of Flatbush is now running its once-yearly campaign to raise the necessary funds to allow its lifesaving work to continue. Please donate generously to this unparalleled organization making a real difference in your Jewish brethren’s lives, which will surely be a tremendous zechus for you as we approach Yom Kippur.

See the video below to see what Chesed of Flatbush has accomplished in just one year, and see messages from Harav Elya Brudny, HaRav Moshe Tuviya Leif and others, as they descirbe the importance of supporting this much-needed community organization.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)