DONALD DEAD? Speculation Runs Wild After Donald Trump Jr. Announces Father’s Passing

Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump speaks to reporters at the Des Moines International Airport after a visit to the Iowa State Fair, Saturday, Aug. 12, 2023, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

The X (Twitter) account of Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of former President Donald Trump, fell victim to an apparent hacking incident on Wednesday, sending out numerous false messages, including one that falsely announced the death of his father, former President Donald Trump.

The fabricated message, which declared the passing of the former president, read, “I’m sad to announce, my father Donald Trump has passed away. I will be running for president in 2024.”

These words instantly ignited a frenzy of concern and confusion among social media users and the wider public.

However, it’s important to clarify that the message was entirely untrue. Former President Donald Trump was alive and well, and he promptly took to his own Truth Social platform to dispel the rumors and assure the public of his continued existence. The erroneous message had spread like wildfire, despite its baselessness, prompting a flurry of online searches for phrases such as “Donald Trump Dead” and “Is Donald Trump Dead?”

Notably, the incident also saw supporters of the former president alleging that his detractors were, in a malicious twist, wishing for his death. The incident added fuel to the already contentious online discourse surrounding the former president and his family.

Within minutes of the false announcement, Raheem Kasam, a prominent figure from The National Pulse, confirmed that Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter account had indeed been compromised by hackers. The revelation shed light on the situation and reassured the public that the former president remained unharmed.

During the hack, other messages were posted on Trump Jr.’s Twitter account, which have since been removed. One such message aimed at X owner Elon Musk claimed that Donald Trump “owns” him. The incident also saw a profane insult directed at President Joe Biden and a reference to “interesting messages” with the controversial figure Jeffrey Epstein.

Twitter swiftly took action by removing the unauthorized messages from Donald Trump Jr.’s account, putting an end to the false claims about the former president’s death and the derogatory remarks that had circulated during the hack.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Shpitz YWN the title says DONALD DEAD.
    Then the article says “However, it’s important to clarify that the message was entirely untrue.”
    So why is that the title?
    Whos behind this marketing propaganda in ywn?

  2. Dear editor pls correct my statement

    This is not to say that there are not many plenty more than we think libs who given the opportunity and the means who wouldn’t kill the former president

  3. Cholent, nothing wrong with the headline it has a question mark after Donald Dead?
    It does not say he is dead, but there was a question as to if he was dead

  4. @Shimon Nodel, until I saw your comment i hadn’t even realized it on the picture. thanks for making me see it in aseres ymei tshuva!
    Stop studying every corner of every picture.