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MAILBAG: Rutgers SBA Is Threatening To Throw Me, A Jew, Out At Pro-Hamas Students’ Demand

My name is Yoel Ackerman. I am a Rutgers Law School Student, the only Yarmulka wearing 1LE, and I would like to share my story with you and the world.

On October 12, a mere 5 days after Hamas invaded Israel and killed and captured many Jews, a Palestinian student at my school began to spread propaganda. He shared an Instagram video in the student bar association group, which I am also a part of. The video explained that Hamas really did not murder any jews. Nor did they rape Jewish women or behead babies. The video went on to explain that Israel “staged” everything.

Shocked at what I was seeing, I asked this individual why he shared this video in an SBA chat if it had zero to do with the SBA or Rutgers University. He proudly responded, “I am just clearing up some information about Palestine.” He proceeded to explain that he also shared this video in several other group chats.

Simultaneously, the Rutgers University Group ” Students for Justice in Palestine” was planning a “Day of Resistance” in and around my college campus. Additionally, there were media reports of a “global day of rage” planned for Friday October 13, 2023. In fact, scared for my safety and my children’s safety, I kept my children home from school on Friday.

There was an email which came from the Rutgers Law Jewish email list which informed the students to be careful and be vigilant. The email also stated to “take screenshots” and “make records.”

As such, I responded to the email with a screenshot of the Palestinian student who was parading around the propaganda anti-Israel video. I wrote, “I am taking receipts of the law school students who are publicly supporting Hamas.”

What occurred next has been unbearable for me. An employee from Rutgers University called me and informed me that I was under investigation for violating school conduct policy in connection with my email message to the Jewish group. I have been accused of Defamation and Disorderly conduct.

On October 23, 2023, I was told that I had to meet with an “investigator” from Rutgers. I was told that I would be provided a “campus advisor” but that the advisor would only be allowed to listen to my meeting with the investigator but was not allowed to speak. Then, at the last minute, the rug was pulled out from under my feet. Rutgers informed me that they were not allowing the campus advisor as she was also an advisor to the Jewish campus group and this would be unfair to the Palestinian student who complained about me. I asked Rutgers to push off this meeting due to their last minute tactics. Rutgers refused and demanded that I meet with the investigator.

At this interrogation, I explained that there was a “day of rage” planned and that the reason why I shared a screenshot of this Palestinian student was to protect others from the planned day of rage. The Rutgers investigator then proceeded to tell me that really it was only a “day of resistance” and not a “day of rage.” No big deal. I was patronized for nearly an hour.

Simultaneously I received an email from the SBA president which read:

“Hello Yoel,

I am reaching out to inform you that you will be up for impeachment from the SBA in our meeting tomorrow. Based on the alleged actions you took against several students, including ‘doxing,’ defamation, and harassment, you have violated the Anti-Discrimination Clause in Article VIII and Article II (a)(i)(c) of this Constitution. Students from the general student body and the SBA membership have brought these concerns to me and have let me know of their plans to go forward with the impeachment process against you. As such, I wanted to give you notice of this before it happens. Based on the Constitution, you have the opportunity to rebut the allegations during the meeting. Also, if the vote for impeachment passes, you have the opportunity to voluntarily resign. You may also exercise that option now, before we go ahead with the motion for impeachment. If not, we will vote to impeach tomorrow and we will vote for your removal in the next meeting. If you choose to resign before the meeting tomorrow, please respond to this email by 2 pm tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions. I have attached the Constitution to this email for your review.”

The accusations were baseless, and was I given no opportunity by the SBA President to explain my side. Indeed, the next day, I was summoned to an SBA zoom meeting. The meeting was open to the public and here is what occurred:

I was in a 3 hour SBA meeting which was open to the public. That’s right. Open to the public. There were approximately 15 Palestinians. All 15 were given 5 minutes to speak. All 15 reiterated the same prepared speech: “Ackerman (and Cohen) engaged in doxxing and defamation, and their conduct needs to be sanctioned. Ackerman’s conduct has exposed the Palestinians to harm, and injury. Ackerman must apologize. Ackerman must be impeached from the SBA.”

All 15 presented zero evidence to back up any claim. The President of the SBA publicly announced that this was sufficient to have a vote and that if there was a 2/3 vote for impeachment, Ackerman (and Cohen) would be impeached. I was given 5 minutes to speak.

I have never felt more hurt or embarrassed in my life. The lies, and the hatred spewing from their mouths. The president of the “Students for Justice in Palestine” came into the Zoom meeting in the middle and on the spot made a motion to impeach me. Again, zero facts and zero evidence. Just venom.

(Numerous questions were asked as to the bylaws of the SBA and the impeachment process, and the President of the SBA did not know how to answer them.)

The fact that the SBA would allow the PUBLIC to be part of a meeting where both myself and Ms. Cohen are berated with one accusation after another and bullied into saying “sorry” for mere allegations is appalling to say the least. I have never in my entire 36 years of life EVER experienced shame, humiliation, degradation, and debasement from a group of people such as what occurred tonight for 3 hours. And the people who were silent are equally to blame.

All of this has occurred while Rutgers has allowed special classes to take place about “Gaza.” Additionally, Palestinian students recently kicked over Jewish memorial candles that were crafted as a star of David and placed outside the Rutgers campus.

Nobody has investigated this Palestinian student for spreading his propaganda video. I remain under investigation and in constant fear.


Yoel Ackerman

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  1. As usual the headline is misleading. He’s being thrown out of a student group not out of school. Unfair but much different.
    There are appeal processes. Follow them.

  2. As a former student there I am embarrassed by them and will certainly never pick up their calls again for support. How dare they call themselves places of higher learning and treat people that don’t ageee with them like this. You need to keep up the fight and file a lawsuit against these losers.

  3. Why did you not got to the Rutgers Chabad or the Rutgers Hillel at least through OU Jlic there is even a stand with us chapter that I remember being there though I am unsure if it still exists that would help too? At least contacting the main organization. Also word of advice the only students I would share things with better be well connected to jewish groups that are staunchly pro israel (better be orthodox), a rabbi on campus or someone with skin in the game not a whats app group with “jews”.
    As you won’t know who’s an anti semitic jew or not and these jews do exist at Rutgers unfortunately. Take it from an alumni who’s been there till covid hit. I would also recommend looking into legal consultation at the very least from a group like the agudah yisroel at agudah law if need be. However it would be better to contact Rutgers chabad and hillel as they know the school administration better than I do. Also I hope you didn’t use your school email it would probably be better to use your own. As either they looked at your emails on thier server without your knowledge (this is highly unlikely for many reasons) or someone said something. As I would be suprised they even knew you sent an email to a jewish group.

  4. I should also mention new brunswick is near a large jewish community in highland park who would ne more than sympathetic to your plight considering their eruv goes through college ave campus.

  5. Take this public. I would go to every conservative media outlet and publicize it. Sue if you have to. You will probably find some really good lawyer to take your case pro bono

  6. Also @YeshivaWorldNews please give the messages to the author at the very least the on campus resources that can help.

  7. From the Rutgers website.
    About Rutgers
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, stands among America’s highest-ranked, most diverse public research universities. The oldest, largest, and top-ranked public university in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, you’ll find us at our main locations in three New Jersey cities, and our footprint can be seen around the region. We’re an academic, health, and research powerhouse and a university of opportunity.

    The actions by representatives of Rutgers is a far cry from their description. This is a witch hunt.

    As a State University, it should be investigated by the Federal government for violations of Federal Laws and all funding be cancelled. In addition and federal scholarships provided to these radicals be cancelled .

    It appears that the USA is headed towards becoming what Europe became, leading into WW II.

  8. Yoel, I am really sorry about the undeserved humiliation you experienced at the hand of those anti-semites, whether muslim or not.
    However, the message is no different than the one we received in Germany 90 years ago from Hitler saying: JEWS NOT WELCOME which also started in colleges, public offices etc – while we should thank HASHEM of haven given us a respite over the past 80 year, perhaps it’s now time to reconsider where Yidden belong and where we do not belong

  9. Even the actual pogrom Hamas did on October 7 was “resistance”. I guess that’s also not a big deal…

    Yoel, turn this from a problem into an opportunity!

    May Hashem be with you – keep davening – and hit them with a lawsuit. Try calling Allen Dershowitz or any of the good Jewish lawyers who can and will b”h make them regret the day they got their position there in that prosthetic excuse of a “university”…

  10. Total number of people who witnessed the Ten Plagues in Egypt: MILLIONS
    Total number of people who witnessed the parting of the Red Sea: MILLIONS
    Total number of people who witnessed the revelation at Mount Sinai: MILLIONS
    Total number of people who witnessed the miraculous mann-food: MILLIONS

    Total number of people who witnessed the Angel Gabriel speak to Mohammed: ZERO
    Total number of miracles performed by Mohammed in the Koran: ZERO

  11. Why is he writing YWN? This violates both New Jersey and Federal anti-discrimination laws, and if the school regards the student bar association as an official school agency (student government) or even a private group (equivalent to a chess club or “Young Republicans”), it makes it into state action and subject to the federal civil rights law. While I understand that Constitutional law is usually a 2nd year course, and Anti-Discrimination Law and state constitutional law are generally only advanced courses for those specializing in the area, even a 1-L in October should be able to answer the question of “what laws are involved in a public university discriminating on the basis of ethnicity and religion”.

  12. BaltimoreMaven have you ever been to Rutgers? Rutgers is the school that invited a Syrian minister to speak as faculty in it’s poly-sci department while they were busy gassing civilians with chemical weapons. Rutgers is known to have an anti-semite problem especially the SJP group and the arab studies department(everyone from chabad to hillel knew this), if you think an appeal will work for a student organization like this either you never went to Rutgers, did but had no involvement with the jewish community on campus including the chabad, or have no knowledge at all. I highly doubt any sort of appeal would help. The only thing that can be done would be to contact chabad and hillel to generate a public outrage against the incident so the university acts. This has happend before. This is from someone who was heavily involved in orthodox jewish life on campus at hillel and chabad having lived in the chabad dorms at one point and went to pro israel events. What I am stating demonstrates a knowlege of Rutgers, if you don’t understand what I am saying it should be obvious you weren’t involved in jewish life at Rutgers and have no idea what you are talking about.

  13. That or legally making a case against the student organization, again please speak with the Hillel and the Chabad at Rutgers they are far more experienced dealing with this than others.

  14. I’m sorry you’re being singled out unfairly. Their behavior is disgraceful
    and I hope you can fight it. Ironic for a law school to be so prejudiced.
    If you know you’re right, don’t back down or act afraid.

    I grew up in HP area and it’s a thriving, flourishing
    community. Much of the staff is probably also Jewish.

    So much propaganda is occurring online, we need to address the media companies
    to be stricter about preventing hate online. That’s where they’re getting riled up.

  15. Philosopher,
    This is NOT 1939 Germany & it’s embarrassing to claim it is.
    The fundamental difference is the Nazi controlled the German govt & country. They had recognized political heads of state & recognition by other countries. They had a currency. They had a lot of manufacturing going on. They had top notch universities, Doctors & Profess

  16. Cont. Professors. They had a modern powerful military with the most advanced planes, tanks & missiles.
    The SBA (& Hamas as well) possess none of the this.
    Look at history when Jews or Judaism were facing an existential threat. Persia, Babylonia, Greeks, Romans, Holy Roman Empire, Spain, Soviets & Nazis.
    Never has a group not organized as a govt & country posed an existential threat.
    So no, this is very far from 1939 Germany & we shouldn’t minimize the Holocaust by claiming these events are as bad.

  17. Rutgers has been under fire for the last ten days over their pro-Hamas position. This shouldn’t be breaking news to anyone.

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