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IDF: We’re Intensifying Our Attacks, Targeting Commanders and Disrupting Operations

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says it has intensified its military efforts in the Gaza Strip, aiming to dismantle the operational capabilities of Hamas. The IDF’s current focus is on neutralizing Hamas’s field commanders and disrupting their operations against Israeli forces.

As per IDF reports, prior to October 7, Hamas maintained a massive presence in Gaza, with an estimated 30,000 fighters organized into five regional brigades, 24 battalions, and around 140 companies. These units are equipped with various military capabilities including anti-tank missile arrays, sniper and engineering teams, air defenses, and rocket firing arrays. They also operate from numerous outposts and strongholds in their respective regions.

The IDF’s strategy has centered on targeting the commanders of these brigades and battalions, particularly in northern Gaza, where the Israeli military is conducting its ground offensive. According to the IDF, these efforts have resulted in significant setbacks for Hamas, particularly in their ability to organize large-scale attacks, as many commanders have been eliminated in Israeli operations.

Two of Hamas’s battalions, the Shati Camp and Daraj-Tuffah, are reported to have suffered the most severe impacts. In the case of the Shati Camp Battalion, the IDF claims to have killed its deputy commander, several company commanders, and 200 terrorist fighters through airstrikes and ground operations. This battalion, known for its proximity to the group’s main command center under Shifa Hospital, has also seen the capture of its main strongholds by the IDF.

Similarly, the Daraj-Tuffah Battalion has experienced substantial losses, with the IDF reporting the elimination of its entire senior command, including the battalion commander, his deputy, various company commanders, and 260 operatives.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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