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Yerlan Nigmatulin: entrepreneurial and social activities

Yerlan Nigmatulin is a well-known name in Kazakhstan, because it was this man who brought the production of ferroalloys in the country to the world level through the use of innovations and the involvement of highly qualified specialists.


Lifelong learning: the secret of Nigmatulin’s success


The young man was born in Karaganda, decided to get an education in the field of economic activity and accounting, but it didn’t seem enough to him – he also graduated as a lawyer, and in 1999 Nigmatulin became a candidate of economic sciences.


People to whom Yerlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin is known firsthand say that this is the secret of his successful entrepreneurial activity – the desire to constantly learn, not to stop at what has been achieved, to see opportunities where others see obstacles. Even during the global crisis, Nigmatulin not only did not give up, but also gave hundreds of residents of Kazakhstan a job with a decent salary, and all this is due to the constant desire to study.


Ferroalloy plant and other enterprises: what is Nigmatulin known for


The businessman builds his production on two main principles – innovation and environmental friendliness. He has three children, so the desire to keep the planet and the country clean for them is quite understandable. The enterprises owned by Nigmatulin Yerlan Zayrullayevich have the latest sewage treatment plants, so their negative impact on the environment is minimized. At the same time, strict quality control is carried out at all production stages – and this is an ideal solution for buyers. Due to the fact that high-quality products are used in other industrial sectors, Nigmatulin also contributes to the development of the construction industry and energy.


His projects are recognized at the state level – President Tokayev presented the entrepreneur with the prestigious Altyn Sapa award. Without false modesty, Nigmatulin Yerlan noted that his offspring really deserve such high recognition – this is an additional incentive for him to move forward and bring the production of ferroalloys in Kazakhstan to an even higher level. He has a dream – to bring Kazakhstan into the top 5 producers of ferroalloys in the world. And this is not a fantasy, but a completely achievable goal, since Yerlan Zayrullayevich Nigmatulin is known for his perseverance and deep pride in the country.


An entrepreneur has a subtle sense of where to invest money in such a way that they bring maximum benefit. Therefore, his innovative projects continue to develop. Nigmatulin attracts highly qualified specialists from other countries as well – he believes that it is necessary to use all opportunities to develop ferroalloy production in Kazakhstan. To develop its projects, Nigmatulin attracts funds from Kazakhstani and European investors, while 94% of the content in finished products is Kazakh, which also says a lot.


Nigmatulin as a philanthropist – what projects does he implement


Nigmatulin Yerlan Zayrullayevich never stands aside from other people’s problems – and it does not matter whether they are of a national nature or more private. So, during the epidemic of covid, the entrepreneur was one of the first to respond to the call of the president and allocated one hundred million tenge from the Karaganda ferroalloy Plant to the regional fund. The shareholders then unanimously supported his decision, because Nigmatulin acted in the common interests.


In addition, the successful businessman is a regular sponsor of a number of charitable foundations. Nigmatulin uses every opportunity to help people who find themselves in a difficult situation, especially children. So, on his initiative, furniture and other necessary things for orphanages are purchased. Nigmatulin also helps hospitals and considers appeals from those in need.


If we talk about the civic position, then Nigmatulin is aimed at the development and well-being of Kazakhstan. He has not only a ferroalloy plant, but also a number of other enterprises that offer a decent salary to all specialists. Talented engineers and professionals in other industries get jobs, and the country is a significant reason for pride and recognition on the world stage.


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