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SHOCK IN LUBAVITCH: Violent “Meshichist” Bochrim Literally Destroy 770; Brawl With NYPD Making Arrests [VIDEO ROUNDUP]

Chaos ensued  at Chabad World Headquarters located at 770 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights on Monday afternoon, disrupting the davening and learning that take place there around the clock.

The trigger: A cement truck.

The truck showed up on Union Street behind Lubavitch World Headquarters with the apparent assignment to fill up an underground tunnel that ran from the main shul to the now-closed Mikvah building next door.

Bochurim, mostly from Israel and wearing ‘Meshichist’ yarmulkas and pins, responded with fury. They have been reportedly behind the digging of the tunnel, claiming it was to expand 770 visited by residents and visitors on a daily basis.

They proceeded to tear down the iconic wooden panels that wrapped the walls of the main shul. They then tore down wooden beams and used what appeared to be a hammer to break the shul’s brick wall.

The result is a very visible opening from the main shul to the tunnel. Officers of the NYPD were seen entering 770 to survey the developments but have not made arrests.

The main shul of 770 has long been the subject of a legal dispute between Agudas Chassidei Chabad / Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch and Cong. Lubavitch Inc. over who is the rightful owner of the 770-788 Eastern Parkway complex. Bochurim have long had free reign in the main shul, even violently barring some from entering.


NOTE FROM YWN: Around two hours later the NYPD entered the Bais Medrash and made a few arrests. The crowd of meshichist bochrim responded to the NYPD with violence befitting animals in Gaza (see videos below). It’s high time that the respectable greater Lubavitcher community rise up and seize control of this Makom Kadosh. The overwhelming majority of the Chabad community (99%) are sickened by what has transpired at 770 over the years, and have remained silent far too long. Perhaps this is a wake up call to some serious action.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

78 Responses

  1. Is there anyone person or group that is in charge of the property? How is it that these guys can just destroy the property? Anyone know how it works?

  2. What a chillul Hashem. Those arrested who are no US citizens or permanent residents should be deported. There is no justification for what happened.

  3. They need jobs.
    Batala leads to boredom which leads to sin. This is the best illustration of that I’ve seen in a while.
    Do a chessed – cut the handouts and give them work.

  4. How did you get the statistics that 99% of Chabad are against it? Maybe it’s time to actually do some polling in the orthodox community

  5. I have never been there and don’t understand. Could someone explain what connecting a beis medresh to a mikva is supposed accomplish?

  6. The Lubavich community has tried, but these parasites are willing to go to extremes that no normal human being can respond to.

  7. I’m sorry to say but it’s about time they had a shimon kalfus moment. They need someone to go and claim he had a dream from the rebbe and the rebbe said since we really believe in the second coming, we are no longer Jews and we don’t have to do any of the mitzvis. They should probably find themselves something in Uganda.

  8. I hope the Shluchim around the world prepare accordingly for the crowds this Shabbos. Every Chabad house will be bursting at the seams. What Yid wouldn’t want to be part of such a wonderful, classy, beautiful group of Jews?

  9. Important to remember they are not trying to be vandals they have a just cause, expand 770!! Like usual bachurim have interesting ways of fighting for just causes. Im not saying they are doing the right thing.

    However, it would be nice to see the same fury and anger on those refusing to let 770 expand. Why is there only an outrage when some 18-20 year olds do stupid things but no outrage when grown adults are not letting 770 expand contrary to the rebbes clear directive!!!!!

    Have you been in 770 during tishrei? There are many teffilos that it is pashut sakonas nefashos packed full? What are we waiting for? Maron 2.0 R”L?

  10. This is not Lubavitch! I am a Lubavitcher, we are all sickened by these Tzvatim! The Rebbe ZTL taught us (in Hayom Yom) that the Alter Rebbe was so careful about not being destructive that they would not even break a snuff box to use the inside silver cover as a tefilin mirror. Instead he found a way to remove the pins so it could be put back together. At different points over the years, the Rebbe ZTL said he would not come out for Farbrengens if people were pushing or acting wild! This kind of lawlessness and destruction is not who we are! We are Yorei Shomayim, people who learn Torah, do mitzvois behidur, and build! So sad. This is not us.

  11. This is the first time I’ve seen construction workers and demolition crews working in black Borsalino hats rather than in yellow hard hats.

  12. @golfer, these vandals actually learn. They just happen to be vandals as a side gig (all in the name of expanding 770).

    @Ahren- you sound like you might not be the right guy to talk about the “orthodox community” perhaps you’re orthoprox?

    @TheVeltShukleZich – gut gezugt 😅

    @Jersey Jew – you probably mistook your Yetzer Hara for G-D. Don’t talk about Yidden with your filthy mouth.

    @Kuvult – more classy than whatever hole you popped out of.

    @lakewhut – good thing there’s a living G-D! You just forgot about him.


    Careful how you talk about yidden who have nothing to do with this avla!

    Careful how you talk about yidden who did this avla!

    The Aibeshter loves every yid. Every single yid.

    Just scrub yourself clean, and see how G-D loves you too! Even when you were dirty!

  13. This all harps back to the old Question:- What is worse:- Chabad & Breslov with Zero living Rebbes? or Bobov & Satamr with 2 living people vying for for the position?

  14. אין פה פוצפף ומצפצף???????!!!!!!!!!
    Kidding me??!! Who should speak up? Rabbonim? Daas Torah? Since when were Chabad people Mechunach to listen to ANYONE? After the Rebbe’s Petira some Yukel decided to look into the Igros for guidance and that became the new religion. Yes, even you “normal” Lubavitchers subscribe to that. I feel bad for you normal (non meshichista guys) but BE HONEST Nothing happens out of a vacuum. You reap what you sow.
    אין פה פוצף ומצפצף?? Rav Schach tried…

  15. background: there were plans to expand 770 in the late 80s they started expanding in 5749 and when the rebbe got sick in 5752, it stopped due to the greater focus on the rebbe’s health. for many yrs, some wanted to continue the plan, but the ownership of 770 agudas chasidai chabad, does not want it.
    to look at the good of it: look what Chassidim do to fulfill what they think is the will of the rebbe! we can learn from them just like r’ zushe learned 7 things from a thief:
    Rabbi Zusha once said: “I learned seven things from the thief: 1) What he does, he keeps to himself. 2) He is willing to take risks to attain his goal. 3) He does not distinguish between “major” and “minor” things, but takes equally exacting care of each and every detail. 4) He invests great effort in what he does. 5) He is swift. 6) He is always optimistic. 7) If at first he fails, he is back time and again for another try

  16. mydwolf is a flaming mashichist. Why do you justify vandalism???
    This is not an “outcry”, it’s reckless behavior that has no place in Lubavitch.

  17. So much foolishness displayed by these Bochurim, taking something they feel strongly about and losing any sense of appropriate behavior.

    The editor’s comment comparing Jews to d*gs in G*za is similarly foolish.

    Feeling strongly about something and writing so inappropriately and without any nuance.

    Who would imagine that at this time, when yidden of all types are coming together to fight an existential threat, there are some “frum” Jews calling other “frum” Jews such names.

    Worthy of an apology or at least a correction.

  18. I mean I find wood paneling dated too but…..
    Any bets on how long it takes those who were arrested to tunnel out of prison?

  19. For a period of time during Covid 770 was closed. Some Israeli/Mishechist bochurim decided to gain access by digging a tunnel from a property at the rear of 770 that used to house a mikvah. This tunnel, which dug through the foundation of 770, was recently discovered and engineers were called in to work on fixing the structural damage. Today a cement truck came to pour new concrete. That led to the uncivilized/inhumane destruction of a Shul/beis medrash, mere feet from an Aaron Kodesh.

    The reason nothing has been done by “chabad leadership” all these years is because unfortunately there is an ongoing court case (for decades now) trying to reestablish control over 770. There have been a countless number of appeals made by mishechist proxies to hold up the ruling which has already determined over and over again that control of the property belongs to the civilized leadership of chabad

  20. I am not lubavitch and I’m as shocked as anyone to see these videos but honestly what is accomplished by posting an article about it for everyone to see? I’m sure the whole Crown Heights is aware of what transpired, but why do Jews around the world need to see this. I can’t imagine anyone will come away from this feeling anything but negativity towards their fellow Jews.

  21. Rabbi Braun should not call it destroying a wall. Every Shul expansion includes breaking down a wall.
    The truth is though, that every decent parent would love to get their son out of that environment and put them into a normal Yeshiva. But these boys have so little knowledge of Shas and Miforshei Hashas that they don’t fit in anywhere normal.

  22. The “Note from YWN” was terribly written and should be trashed. I don’t care if it was written by YWN or a Lubavitcher. Please take it down, or completely revise it.

    “bochurim responded to the NYPD with violence befitting animals in Gaza”

    The animals in Gaza killed, beheaded, burned, wounded, and raped thousands of Jews.

    Please change this to: “With violence befitting extremist animals in Meah Shearim who are protesting against railroad tracks”

    Still very wrong behavior, but at least a more accurate comparison.

    “It’s high time that the respectable greater Lubavitcher community rise up and seize control of this Makom Kadosh.”

    Who asked YWN to make meaningless demands of “the Lubavitcher community”!?
    If one of the editors has a proper understanding of the situation in 770 and feels that they know of a good solution, let him make some phone calls and get it done.
    Your “Notes” to Lubavitch will accomplish nothing.

  23. The Lubavitsher Rebbe SZL must urn in his grave. Moshiach ? Another reason that he didn’t come yet. All these idiots crazies should be put in jail for a few weeks and than be reported back to Israel to fight in the war. Hopefully by then the war will be done with.

  24. isn’t this article without clear toeles for the broader jewish community? if there is a toeles- wouldn’t we first need to have the facts straightened out? is this some gossiping site? please take this article down “awaiting Moderation” (fact checking)

  25. Not to justify, but to explain the background in short. There have been plans to expand 770 for over 35 years now. the houses around the block are standing empty, they were bought by 770 years ago for this expansion project. For varios reasons it’s been at a standstill. The crowd in 770 Kein ein hora grow constantly and there just is no room. It’s packed wall to wall with bochurim learning, and mispalelim who come in all times of day and night, can’t find a space for their minyonim. During tishrei a large tent is erected on the service lane of eastern Parkway for the overflow crowds, but that is a temporary relief.
    So now some bochurim, took initiative, a wild one, and decided to take things into their own hands, breaking down a wall to expand the shul. Gaboim called the Police, who threatened to arrest the culprits, when bochurim see their friends getting arrested, they react wildly.. So those are the pics and videos going viral..
    This chillul Hashem is sad, I hope everyone calms down there, and that the expansion of Beis Rabeinu happens as soon as possible!

  26. @Menachem
    If you had nothing to say in defense of these boys that’s alright, but to attack another group in Klal Yisroel for no reason other then to make yourself look not so bad is absolutely despicable.

  27. As others have asked, can someone explain what is motivating these young men? Is it just to expand 770 or do they think a mikvah is needed because of the coming of Mochiach? Please be respectful in your answers. Many of us would like to know.

  28. These bacharim who vandalized 770 are called the “Tzfatim”(not because their from Tzfas, although majority are). Nobody likes the Tzfatim. Nobody. Not a single person, Chabad or otherwise, like and endorse the Tzfatim. They are an extreme group who call themselves Chabad and yet they do the exact opposite of everything Chabad stands for. They rule with their fists, which is why its hard to control them since anytime someone puts them in their place they beat the guy up. Now they have gone too far so the police were called in, finally. These guys are all mentally ill.

    @sensibleyid, the tunnels were built during Corona because 770 was closed down, and the crazy Tzvatim wanted to come in anyway. No one knew about this until recently, and as soon as it was found out actions were taken to seal the tunnels. Hence the cement truck. The Tzvatim got mad and started breaking the walls of 770.
    There is a concept of expanding 770 because it is too small. What happened here is the Tzvatim took matters into their own hands and started to deface and break the holy walls of 770, which is NOT OK. One cannot just go around doing whatever he wants! There is a system, Hanhala, permits, etc.

    @lakewhut, while that would help, that’s not the problem. Hanhala and the greater Lubavitch community have to stand up and not be afraid of the Tzvatim, and put them in their place.

    I repeat: The Tzfatim represent a small extreme group who call themselves Chabad. Nobody in the Chabad community likes them. I’m a Lubavitcher, so I know.

  29. Decline of the cell phone culture. Standing around laughing and videoing. At least there was one adult there calling for arrests. Every single person who destroyed private property should see jail time and fines.

  30. Although 770 desperately needs to expand by alot, the group of Tzfati Bochurim that have taken control of 770 are not the ones to do it. This group is not representative of Chabad. They are the complete opposite of what Lubavitch stands for.

    The real question is: there are over 1000 Bochurim learning in the Yagdil Torah Zals as well as other Shuls throughout Crown Heights. Why has the mainstream Chabad Bochur retreated from the Rebbe’s shul and allowed these … to take control ???
    Why did the real Yeshiva Bochurim leave???
    Time to bring the real beautiful Bochurim, those learning B’hasmodeh and Davening B’arichus back to 770.

    This extremist group of Tzfatim are not part of Lubavitch.

  31. Ok, what’s the other side of this story? They wouldn’t damage 770 without a strong motivation, so can we at least know why they did it? What’s the significance of that tunnel?

  32. what i heard is as follows:
    the past couple of years the Bochurim have arranged with contractors and engineers to quietly clear out the earth from under the Ezras Noshim, which is on the right off 770 (which if cleared can expand into that 30+ area).
    couple weeks ago tunnel becomes public – stopped digging, Ezras Noshim closed to check for safety (unlike the rumor that it ACTULLY was a danger it was a precaution).
    Monday afternoon cement trucks come to seal all that was started – which would mean that expansions not happening for next 5 years at least!
    so Bochurim who saw this took stuff into their own hands (can argue if right or wrong) and opened up a 8 foot wide by 3 feet tall hole in the wall which is between the 770 and a open area (which DOES need renovation to use).
    police were called in and because in Lubavitch you have all the ones on top unable to give up on their ego THEY must be the one running this and him that…

  33. Everyone on these pictures appears to be under 30. Sadly they are an orphaned generation who never merited to meet the Lubavitcher Rebbe like my generation & I merited to.
    But clearly this is the beginning of the end of Chabad after what happened today, basically nothing short of January 6th all over again.

  34. More or less here is what happened.

    The Bochurim have been begging for an expansion for many years and the owners, (whoever that is) have not listened. There is poshut no space to breathe in the Shul, no room for the several hundred Bochurim to learn and thousands more to daven. Average Shabbos/Yom Tov there can be more people outside than inside.

    2-3 weeks ago they found the tunnels that were dug by Bochurim, on the other side of the walls.

    Today they brought cement trucks to fill back up the tunnels.

    Tonight the Bochurim decided to break the wall, expand the Shul and Yeshiva.

    Clearly not gonna work, since the police were called and the owners of the Shul are not ready for expansion yet.

    Great big Shtus to try and fight the police. I am sure that no one supports that.

  35. why on earth is it everyones business about some children causing a problem? do you feel connected to 770? i guess you all do

  36. whoever wants more history about expanding 770, google “expand 770 After 35 Years, Are We Any Closer” or visit
    lakewhut: agree we need a live rebbe, lets daven and spread Yiddishkeit and chassidus to every jew to bring moshiach and we will merit to see our rebbe alive again!

  37. Its all very complicated but in the Winter months its really cold to go outside to toivel in the mikvah when coming directly from the shul and beis medrash in the main 770 building so by creating a direct passageway these tzadikim can stay warm and toasty and still maintain their ultra-high level of kedushah.

  38. Mental illness to the highest degree.
    Where were all the adults stepping in stopping these children from destroying the bais medrash. No words no words. 770 stems from spreading the word of hashem and bringing people closer. Behind closed door you see this disgrace and lack of leadership.
    Mydwolf you are probably a parent of one of these savages and trying to stick up for them, learn the laws of real estate and you’ll know you can’t just expand because you want to
    Lakwuht couldn’t agree more
    Thousands of shluchim meet there but they have a hidden tunnel with pooped on mattresses in them. Alot of weird stuff going on. Hundreds of people in the bais medrash and they let this happen. No words. We all need the real mashiach now!

  39. Neversurprised, that is exactly the problem. There is nobody in charge downstairs at 770.

    The leadership of the two organizations that own the building can’t even set foot downstairs without risking a beating, and they’re not young men who can afford to risk that, ch”v. There is a corporation that claims to have a right to run the shul there, but its leadership is weak and afraid of the Tzfatim, and lets them do whatever they like.

    So the Tzfatim (bochurim originally from one of the Chabad yeshivos in Tzfas) run the place כעושה בתוך שלו, and every year, as their old shtick becomes the new “normal” they have find more outrageous things to do. Everyone hates it but no one seems to be able to do anything about it. It’s just easier to learn and daven and do ones best to ignore them, and not to start up with them, so that’s what normal people do.

  40. Sensible yid, it’s a disused mikveh. If I recall correctly it closed approximately 20-25 years ago. It was originally thought that the tunnel was dug during the mageifa, to provide access when the shul was shut down and the doors were chained.

    Another theory is that they decided the shul needs expansion, and since nobody was doing anything they would do it themselves. I guess in that case the idea would have been to gradually build another room in the old mikveh and add it to the shul’s area. I have trouble imagining how that would actually work.

    In any case, it’s certainly true that 770 is overcrowded and needs more room, but the practical difficulties are overwhelming. In the last few years a large tent has been put up during Tishri, in the service lane outside the building, to accommodate the overflow. But 11 months of the year it’s not there, and the city certainly would not allow it to be made permanent. I’m amazed the city allows it one month a year.

  41. Yaakov doe, some people who were arrested were just defending themselves from the Tzfatim. The police didn’t have time to make chakiros udrishos, they just arrested anyone they saw fighting.

  42. @mydwolf: sorry, that is beyond ridiculous:

    “Not trying to be vandals” — well they certainly FAILED there.

    “they have a just cause, expand 770” — expanding a shul is not a JUST cause. It may be a good idea, may make sense. But it’s not a matter of right or wrong, good or bad. Protecting yourself from murderous terrorists, that’s a JUST cause. Standing out against antisemitism, that’s a just cause. Expanding a shul, that’s a communal DECISION. Not a cause.

    “interesting ways of fighting for just causes” — not we are in la-la land. Throwing sefarim to the floor, debasing the sanctity of a shul, acting like behamas is not an ‘interesting way of fighting”, it is a total lack of respect for devarim sh’bekudusha and derech eretz. It is from the world of Yedayim yedei Esev, not from the world of HaKol, Kol Yaakov.

    “it would be nice to see the same fury and anger on those refusing to let 770 expand” — NOPE! No need for fury there. It’s a decision has to be made, not a moral issue. But committing a public chilul hashem, that is something that deserves our outrage. Not to mention making lame attempts to try and whitewash it.

    “Why is there only an outrage when some 18-20 year olds do stupid things but no outrage when grown adults are not letting 770 expand contrary to the rebbes clear directive” — Because the 18 – 20 year olds did PUBLIC AVEIRAS, acting violently, threw sefarim to the floor, debased a shul and acted like behamas. Not expanding a shul – even if it was the Rebbe’s directive has zero comparison. So, nu, the shul won’t be expanded. Nu, nu, we can deal. But publicly being mechal shem shamayim – that we cannot accept.

    “here are many teffilos that it is pashut sakonas nefashos packed full” — then be mature adults and do NOT enter there when it is so full. LIMIT how many people are allowed inside. No one forces you to overcrowd the place. Every Jew has the responsibility to NOT put themselves in a makom sacana. Yes, expanding 770 may be a solution – but if that is not happening, then it’s not happening. No one can blame someone else if they then enter into a place that is overcrowded because previously they didn’t expand it.

  43. Your blatant anti semitic article is shocking.
    There are ways to report the news without such hatred.
    Shameful and not needed in todays world when we have enough ‘outsiders’ hating us already.

  44. “The crowd of meshichist bochrim responded to the NYPD with violence befitting animals in Gaza (see videos below).”

    How a so called Jewish Website can even think to write such words is beyond…
    To compare this to barbaric terrorists, who raped, burned, murdered and tortured adults, women and children.

    This is so offensive, not to Chabad, but to the people who’s lives and families lives have actually been affected by Hamas Terrorists especially in recent months.

    Where is your morality?? Have you no shame. Are you just such a self hating Jewish publication?

    Shameful. YWN should issue an immediate apology.

  45. בַּיָּמִ֣ים הָהֵ֔ם אֵ֥ין מֶ֖לֶךְ בְּיִשְׂרָאֵ֑ל אִ֛ישׁ הַיָּשָׁ֥ר בְּעֵינָ֖יו יַעֲשֶֽׂה׃
    Thirty years without a leader taking it’s toll…

  46. When will they stop believing that the Rebbe is Mashiach? It’s a sick society. The “moderates” have to take control of the whole system.

  47. Wow!!! For Chabadniks to behave like this…. the last chassidus I expected this from…. mamesh like gehinom… way worse than animals…

  48. The late גדול הדור Moreinu Horav אביגדור הכהן was so correct when he keep exhorting so many times:- The 1st requirement of a Rebbe is:- He must be ALIVE so that he can give his followers ongoing guidance

  49. @Menachem
    Once again, if you didn’t like the comparison to terrorists, I agree 100 percent, BUT WHY DO YOU INSIST ON CRITICIZING OTHER JEWS TO MAKE YOUR POINT.

  50. My voice – “to attack another group in Klal Yisroel for no reason other then to make yourself look not so bad is absolutely despicable.”

    Guteyid – @MenachemShmei It wasn’t 3 yrs ago and thats a disgusting thing to say.

    In 5781, riots broke out in the Ponevezh yeshiva between the “sonim” and “mechablim,” with bochurim being injured and police making arrests and firing tear gas, roshei yeshiva being attacked, etc. This was covered by all Israeli news (obviously big chilul Hashem).
    (To the best of my recollection, YWN didn’t report on any of this, and I’m actually wondering if they will allow this comment).

    Unfortunately, human nature is that we are quick to notice faults in others while ignoring faults in ourselves. Therefore, when everyone was watching in horror how there are Lubavitcher bochurim who can be such hooligans, I felt it necessary to remind you that this isn’t a Lubavitch issue specifically, rather a general issue; all communities suffer from wild, radical, violent groups of extremist young people.

    I don’t understand why saying this is any more of a “disgusting thing to say” or more “despicable” than YWN posting this story from 770.

    To prove my point about people only noticing problems in others, @Kinsler wrote a fiery post about the problems with Lubavitch, and finished off “Rav Schach tried…”
    Maybe if Kinsler would acknowledge what happened in Rav Shach’s own yeshiva he would swallow his pride.

  51. Many of the definitions of “anarchy” invoke the absence of any centralized control or governing authority that actively enforces behavioral rules.
    That seems to apply fairly broadly to the absence of any real governance of Chabad since the Rebbe was niftar. The administrative oversight groups ( Agudas Chasidei Chabad etc.) for Chabad mosdos really have not attempted to impose any real discipline and that has opened the door to the growing chaos playing out at 770

  52. so a few “chabadniks” or “mishechists” did something you consider crazy?!
    they are also yidden, bnai avraham yitzchok and yaakov!
    hayitachen yidden behave this way?
    how can the moetzes gedolai hatorah allow this to happen
    how can the RCA allow this to happen
    see what happens only less than 2 years after R chaim kanievski zt”l was niftar, or maybe its due to the passing of Reb Moshe zt”l – the last gadal hador of america. we need a nother R chaim, can we make a vote for the next sar hatorah. or the next R moshe posek of america?

  53. It was not the whole Chabad community, shluchim and Rabbanim destroying 770, rather a tiny group of wild bachurim. To make a general statement on the whole Chabad society based on the actions of a few is not only wrong but stupid. Not only that but the amount of comments people say based on next to zero knowledge of Chabad ideology, values and minhogim, is shocking. Yes what those bachurim did was wrong and unacceptable. Was it without reason and motive though? No. Many people have very little knowledge on the subject and yet insist on saying hateful comments full of loshon hara.

  54. In general, I’m not one to shove things under the rug.
    But in this instance, I feel strongly it would be the wisest move.
    All this publicity is full of Loshon Horah, and can only lead to sinas Yisroel and Sinas HaGoyim.
    As well as Anti-Semitism.

  55. Disappointed at YWN.
    We are all shocked about what happened, and that definitely is not what chabad stands for.
    But YWN, as a frum website, I expected more from you.
    Comparing them to Gaza animals, really?!
    Do you know what those animals did in Israel.
    (It kind of reminds me of when people call anyone they don’t agree with Nazis).
    What happened on Simchas Torah were atrocities of the worst possible kinds, please do not compare anything to that.

    And what lashon hara and hatred when writing. The amount of videos and photos is exaggerated.

    I’m unimpressed, besides I think you have a hand on the publicity and chilul Hashem in the secular world that this generated.

  56. 147 – “But clearly this is the beginning of the end of Chabad after what happened today”

    People have said this after the Alter Rebbe was imprisoned, people have said this after the Frierdiker Rebbe was arrested in communist Russia, people have said this after Chabad moved to America, EVERYONE said this after gimmel tammuz…

    Sorry, wishful thinking. We’re here to stay, right into the Geula Shleima.

    5townsyid – “Where were all the adults stepping in stopping these children from destroying the bais medrash.”

    They were calling the police who stopped the children from destroying the beis medrash.

  57. maybe braking the wall of 770 is connected to ופרצת ימה וקדמה צפונה ונגבה. the מעינן if spreading, we see the water of the מעין already spread more and more especially after gimel tamuz, more are more chassidus is being learned all over the world. by all types of jews. even yeshiva world has an ad (look at your right) of the rebbes biurim on the rambam. now the rebbes shul is spreading. and אפ אפ קומט משיח!

  58. “תַּנְיָא רַבִּי שִׁמְעוֹן בֶּן אֶלְעָזָר אוֹמֵר אִם יֹאמְרוּ לָךְ זְקֵנִים סְתוֹר וִילָדִים ״בְּנֵה סְתוֹר וְאַל תִּבְנֶה מִפְּנֵי שֶׁסְּתִירַת זְקֵנִים בִּנְיָן וּבִנְיַן נְעָרִים סְתִירָה” (BT Megillah 31b).

  59. Faced with the stark choice of converting to Islam or martyrdom, Shabbatai Tzevi chose to change religion. Since most Ottoman Jews traced their origins to Spanish and Portuguese Jews who either converted or faced the choice of converting, his decision was not that shocking. Nonetheless, it split his followers…. Most lost faith in him and returned, alienated, to normative Judaism. The German Jewish writer Glückel of Hameln, mother of twelve children, compared the letdown to suffering through nine months of pregnancy and birth pains only to break wind.

  60. I wouldn’t be surprised if sechel83 is as anti-Lubavich as some of the others and he is trying to destroy Lubavich from “within”. Does anyone take his posts seriously?

    Are you sure Gluckel of Hameln said it was like breaking wind or did she actually say like giving birth to ruach, which, as far as I remember, is a gemoro term for going through the motions of childbirth without anything being born.

  61. We ahouldn’t be surprised by the Lubavichers who try to defend the Bochrim or minimize what happened because they have no concept of Chillul Hashem. They also have no concept of Din a Dimalchusa Dina.

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