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TERROR IN GOLDERS GREEN: Muslim Man With Knife Threatens People At Kosher Supermarket While Screaming About Palestine [VIDEO]

It was a frightening few minutes in the Golders Green area of Northwest London on Monday, when a Muslim man brandished a knife at patrons and staff of Kay’s Kosher Supermarket. Eyewitnesses report that the individual, who has not been named, entered the supermarket and began shouting statements about Palestine before revealing a knife.

Video footage below shows that people attempted to keep him out of the store using a shopping cart.

Shomrim responded quickly, but the man had fled into an apartment located directly across from the supermarket. Witnesses described a rapid change of attire, suggesting an attempt to disguise his identity. However, the suspect’s effort to evade capture was short-lived.

A coordinated effort between the Metropolitan Police and members of Shomrim, led to the successful detainment of the suspect. The police, upon securing the suspect, conducted a thorough search of his apartment. During the search, officers recovered the knife believed to be used in the incident.

The suspect is currently in custody, facing charges related to the incident.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. This is exactly the reason we here in America have the second amendment, and exactly the reason all Jews need to be armed. There was an unambiguous threat to life. An armed civilian should have been there to end the threat. The reality is the police are not there to Stop crime when it happens. Just like in this episode, there were no police available to stop him. The police are there after the event. Each individual has the responsibility for his own safety. Each individual has the right to protect himself and his family and the best manner possible. And in 2024 that means Firearms. Of course, with proper training.

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