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HISTORIC: Highest Ranking Yarmulka-Wearing NYPD Officer Promoted To Deputy Chief

Inspector Richie Taylor is being promoted to Deputy Chief of the NYPD by Police Commissioner Edward Caban at an official ceremony this Friday. In 2020 Taylor made history upon his promotion to Deputy Inspector as the highest-ranking yarmulka-wearing officer in NYPD history.

Taylor, who lives in Flatbush, is the Commanding Officer of Community Affairs overseeing all community affairs officers in the precincts and boroughs throughout NYC.

At the age of 15 he started as a Police Explorer in the 61st Precinct.

In 2005 he graduated the Police Academy with honors and began his career on patrol in Brooklyn South. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2010, Lieutenant in 2014, Captain in 2016, Deputy Inspector in 2020 and Inspector in 2021.

He has served in over 10 Commands including the 1st Precinct, the 61st Precinct, the 63rd Precinct, the 67th Precinct, the 88th Precinct, Police Service Area-1 in Brooklyn South, Police Service Area-5 in East Harlem, Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, Patrol Borough Manhattan South, the Community Affairs Bureau and the Office of the Chief of Community Affairs, a subunit of the Police Commissioner’s Office. He has also served as the Commanding Officer of the Manhattan South Investigations Unit and as the Adjutant to the Chief of Community Affairs at Police Headquarters.

During Hurricane Sandy he was assigned to the New York City Office of Emergency Management to coordinate police response and resources with the Mayor’s Office and other city, state, military and federal agencies.

Inspector Taylor has been recognized and honored by the Mayor’s Office and the NYPD on numerous occasions including receiving a Proclamation of Excellence from Mayor Eric Adams and recipient of the September 2016, 61st Precinct ‘Cop of the Month Award’ for making a firearm arrest while solo.

Before becoming a police officer, Inspector Taylor was a New York State Emergency Medical Technical and a member of Hatzalah Volunteer Ambulance Service. He responded to the World Trade Center on 9/11, arriving before the towers collapsed.

Inspector Taylor resides in Brooklyn with his wife Miri and their 5 children.

On behalf of the entire Jewish community of New York City and around the world, we wish Richie a tremendous Mazel Tov on his well deserved historic and monumental promotion!!

Stay tuned to Yeshiva World News as we update this breaking story.

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