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Survey Finds That Most Israelis Doubt IDF Will Achieve “Absolute Victory” Over Hamas

A new survey conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute finds widespread skepticism among Israelis – both Jews and Arabs – that the IDF can achieve an “absolute victory” over Hamas in Gaza. 51% of Jewish participants and a striking 77.5% of Arab Israelis doubt the feasibility of such an outcome in the war, according to the survey.

Among the respondents, 84% from the left-wing, 63% from the centrist, and 55% from the right-wing factions believe the likelihood of achieving “absolute victory” is low. This sentiment notably exists despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s earlier assertion that Israel is “within touching distance of absolute victory.”

The survey also shed light on the contentious issue of a Palestinian state’s establishment. It reveals that 63% of Jewish Israelis stand in opposition, whereas 73% of Arab Israelis are in favor.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. The IDF isn’t doing well. The initial attack make the Israeli leadership look foolish, and since they, they have lost many soldiers, and recovered few hostages. And but for a miscommunication between Hamas and Hezbollah, much of northern Israel would have been overrun as well.

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