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TEHILLIM ALERT – Lake Piru, CA: Father Missing in Boating Trip


(PHOTO LINK AT END OF ARTICLE) [UPDATES BELOW] A massive search is underway in Lake Piru, California for a father who has gone missing after being swept away in a strong current, sources confirm to YWN. A massive search is underway in Lake Piru, California for a father who has gone missing after being swept away in a strong current, sources confirm to YWN. At approximately 5:00PM Monday afternoon, a 39-year-old father jumped into the waters of Lake Piru to rescue his daughter who had fallen overboard while on a boating trip. He successfully rescued his daughter, but was unable to climb back into the boat. Strong currents swept the boat away from the father. The boat was found by the Sheriff Patrol with the children inside a few hours later. A large search was initiated by the Sheriff Department, Fire Department, and Los Angeles Hatzolah dispatched numerous units as well. Divers were deployed into the waters, but as of 12 midnight, the search was called off until 6:00AM. Los Angeles Hatzolah plans on renting many boats on Tuesday morning when the search resumes. The rescue effort was concentrated on the north end of the lake, authorities said, in an area known as “The Narrows.”

A YWN reporter is on the scene, and will update as the search progresses.

Please be mispallel for Naftoli ben Anna.

UPDATE 2:30PM EST: The Los Angeles Hatzolah Command Center, along with local authorities have renewed their search efforts with a vigor, and are requesting as many volunteers as possible to assist.

If you are available to assist, please bring the following items with you:
*Hiking shoes
*Hat (the sun is very strong)
*Flashlight with batteries
Click HERE for directions to Lake Piru.

PHOTO LINK: For YWN exclusive photos of the search scene taken by YW-153, click HERE.

(YW-153 / YW-70 / Yehuda Drudgestein)



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  2. I hope we hear besuros tovos soon.

    Although I appreciate YWN’s updating the stories, I am wondering why the editors feel the need to post pictures of this tragedy? IY”H when there is a happy ending, then I understand wanting to give photo credit to the people who helped, but while it is occurring it seems a bit insensitive.

  3. a local fisherman saw the boat with 3 kids on borad screaming for help and he contacted the rangers his wife also called the police the kids were wearing life jackets when the son fell over and the current was to storng and the kid started to drift away from the boat so the father jump in swam to the kid got him back to the boat but chould not get back in himself he then said to his kids dont worry i going to make it but then he went under

  4. Oy, Naftoli! What a friendly, outgoing, strong friend. We are davening for a yeshua! As R’ Bess said this morning at davening, we are davening for a nes – that you be found alive and safe, and we are awaiting our whole community’s yeshua!

  5. What a tragedy. We hope to hear good news soon. It says the child was wearing a life jacket, was the father? Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like it if he went under so quickly. Unless the current was so strong that even the life jacket didn’t help. Anyway we are davening for him and hope the story has a happy ending.

  6. just spoke to shmulie head of hatzolah command at lake piru.right now they have more people than available boats.they have already searched the river banks by foot.tonight they are sending out search dogs to search the river banks.we spoke about more volunteers coming he told me to touch base with him late tonight early tomorrow morning if more boats will become available for new volunteers.the entire L.A. community has responded in every shape and well as volunteers from as far as nyc area.may hashem yisborach send the yeshuah bkorov! besuros tovos and mi kiamcha yisroel!

  7. We know his name is Naftali ben Anna but what is his last name? How many children do they have – what ages? Are there any leads yet as to his whereabouts? We fervently pray that they find him alive very soon. Ha-Shem Yishmirayhu V’Chayaihu.

  8. #12, why does it matter what his last name is or how many and how old the children are? Don’t you think the family deserves some measure of privacy at this terrible time?? All we really need is his name so that we can keep him in our tefillos, which is why the poster above clarified that he is Naftali ben Anna, not ben Chana as someone previously suggested.

  9. I dont think it is so terrible for someone to ask what his name is and how many children he has but since #13 does I wont write the details I will just say that I live in Isreal and in todays weekly Hamodia on the first page it gives all the details you would like to know

  10. I received the following email regarding this – I”H he should be found alive & healthy. We need to do whatever we can to help.
    Man Disappearred in Lake

    Please Join In for his rescue

    On Monday a Chareidi father in his 30’s from Los Angeles took his children boating in a small lake.

    the 3 years old fell overboard and the father jumped in to rescue her.

    The girl was saved but the father was dragged away by a current.

    There are search teams on land and in the water but they cannot find him.

    the מקובל הרב אדרת advised that the WHOLE WORLD should say

    עלינו לשבח עד ועל כן נקוה

    seven times forward and then seven times backwards.

    He hopes that in this זכות there will be a ישועה בקרוב.

    Please participate!

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