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WATCH: Russia Blamed for Havana Syndrome Attacks in Shocking Investigation

A joint investigation by 60 Minutes, The Insider, and Der Spiegel has uncovered disturbing evidence pointing to Russia’s involvement in the mysterious Havana Syndrome attacks. Greg Edgreen, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who led the Pentagon’s investigation, believes Russia is behind the attacks, despite a previous government report dismissing the idea.

Victims, including White House staff, CIA officers, and FBI agents, have recounted harrowing experiences of sudden attacks and debilitating symptoms. One FBI agent, “Carrie,” described the moment she was struck by an intense force, likening it to a “dentist drilling on steroids.”

Evidence links Carrie’s case to a Russian spy, Vitalii Kovalev, suggesting a potential espionage connection. Further investigation revealed the possible involvement of Russian intelligence unit 29155, with indications of directed energy weapon usage.

Despite mounting evidence, the official U.S. stance remains skeptical, citing gaps in intelligence and medical analysis. Mark Zaid, representing numerous victims, alleges a cover-up, suggesting reluctance to explore uncomfortable truths.

The investigation raises questions about a coordinated effort against American officials, with incidents in Tbilisi, Georgia, implicating Albert Averyanov, son of the unit’s commander.

As the truth behind Havana Syndrome begins to unravel, one thing is clear: Russia’s involvement is more sinister than previously thought.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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