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TRUMP DOUBLES DOWN: “Jews Who Vote For Biden Should Have Their Head Examined”

Donald Trump on Wednesday questioned the mental fitness of Jewish voters who back President Joe Biden. Speaking in Atlanta ahead of a fundraiser, the presumptive Republican nominee renewed his running criticism of Biden’s reaction to the Israel-Hamas war.

“Biden has totally lost control of the Israel situation,” said Trump. “Any Jewish person who votes for a Democrat or votes for Biden should have their head examined.”

Trump spoke after Biden last week warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that future U.S. support for Israel’s Gaza war depends on the swift implementation of new steps to protect civilians and aid workers.

In Trump’s interpretation, Biden “has totally abandoned Israel.”

The Gaza conflict has sandwiched Biden between conservatives who want stalwart support for Netanyahu’s government, and progressives. Biden’s left flank, though, is dominated by progressives incensed by Israel’s retaliation in Gaza. The president has repeatedly been greeted by protesters throughout his spring travels, and activists have organized votes against Biden in many Democratic primaries, even as he coasts to renomination.

The president’s campaign pushed back on Wednesday.

“Jewish Americans do not need to be ‘spoken to’ or threatened by Donald Trump,” said Biden spokesman James Singer. “This is what Trump does, using division and hate as political weapons while seeking power for himself. Voters of all stripes will reject his chaos, violence and unhinged threats once again in November.”


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  1. It would be better to focus on anti-Semitism in America, rather than the Arab-Israeli conflict. One has reason to hope the Zionists can take care of themselves (they allegedly had nukes 50 years ago, and since they can build and launch satellites they can fire ICBMs, which are basically satellites that land in some other country and go boom).
    American Jews are largely helpless with few options other than financially ruinous migration.

  2. The 45th President, soon to be the 47th President Donald Trump is 100% correct. Any Jew who votes for Biden or any DemocRAT should have his head examined. What do we Yidden have in common with today’s lowlife DemocRATs? Nothing at all. As a matter of fact, the DemocRATs positions on almost every issue is the opposite of our Torah values. Before you vote study the issues and study the candidate. Make sure you know who and what you’re voting for.

  3. I always felt the same. Why couldn’t anyone say this until now.
    Schumer, a Jew speaks against Netanyahu or Israel right to defend itself and then we expect Trump to be the lone high profile pro-israel wolf take all the punches from the anti-semites himself.

    Why should I (trump) get beat up defending you (yidden) when you aren’t thankful and make it harder for me to help you, by speaking against yourself in front of me.

    In general, say what you want about Trumps temperament or tweets, Its a severe lack of hakaras hatov that we are not more vocal about are appreciation for all he did for Israel, Not just Rubashkin. The frei yidden dont know how rotten they are in this aspect, or maybe its just an extension of their lifestyle or guilt about ignoring Judaism, but at least we, frum should be more vocal about this.

    On paper he has done more than anyone else. The only reason we don’t notice is that we are if his political style feels right etc, so we forget to look at the paper.

    Enough with the feelings. Be thankful and daven that he stays this way. May hashem protect us all with whichever shaliach he sends, but may we not ruin the shaliach’s motivation either.

  4. Hes a billion Percent right, jews need to wake up and stop voting for dems, even in ny JEWS are voting for adams and the rest of the garbage, Just cant understand why……… between Trump and biden who would u vote for biden ??????????????

  5. If someone demands that you vote for them or else you are …. , that is 100% a reason to never ever vote for them.
    If a candidate wants to get elected , he needs to be a better candidate than the opposition. Trump is 1,000 times worse than the other Republicans candidates such as Nikki Haley and 10,000 times worse than President Joe Biden.

  6. jackkk,

    Keep it up, you’re the best pro-Trump publicity out there and you clearly need to have your head examined.

  7. He’s 10000% right. Jews who vote for Biden should absolutely have their heads and souls examined. They are idiots…. and the fact that YWN is not more pro-Trump is confounding.

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